People say EV is the future. And Revolt emphasizes the future is already here. Revolutionising your daily commute, Revolt has come up with India’s first AI-Enabled Electric Motorcycle, the Revolt RV400. It’s no ordinary electric two-wheeler. What makes the Revolt RV400 a better commuter? Let’s find out!

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What powers the Revolt RV400?

Powertrain Specifications

Motor 3kW Mid Drive Electric Motor
Torque 170Nm
Battery 72V, 3.24KWh
Top Speed 85kmph
Charging Time 0-75% in 3 Hours, 0-100% in 4.5 Hours
Maximum Range 150kms
  • Revolt RV400 does offer a great driving experience, thanks to the powerful electric setup.
  • It comes with 3 driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sports.
Revolt RV400 Modes
Revolt RV400 Modes
  • In the eco mode, the bike can reach a top speed of 45kmph and can cover a distance of 150kms on a single charge.
  • The normal mode is best suited for the city drive. RV400 touches the top speed of 65kmph while the range drops to 100kms.
  • For those who would like to test the limits of this EV, switch the mode to Sports and the RV400 will reach a top speed of 85kmph with a range of 80kms.
  • When we took the RV400 on a run in the real world, it was able to reach 81kmph, which for an EV is a really good one.
  • Talking about the range, in the sports mode, we were able to cover a distance of 72kms while there was still some charge left on the battery (10%). No one wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere! Right?

    Revolt RV400 Charging Slot
    Revolt RV400 Charging Slot
  • The 3.24KWh battery weighs around 20kgs. Revolt says that you can remove the battery from the casing and take it to your desired place for charging. Well, to our experience, if you are not a fitness buff, we would advise you to charge the battery within the bike itself. Lifting it all the way up is a bit of a cumbersome task.
  • Revolt RV400 comes with a standard 12A AC charger. It took us around 3 hours and 20 mins for charging the battery from 10 to 100%.

How comfortable it is to drive the Revolt RV400?

Revolt RV400 Seat
Revolt RV400 Seat

Revolt RV400 is surely powerful enough to keep you thrilled. But is it comfortable too?

  • The ergonomically positioned seat provides an ideal riding posture so that you don’t feel tired all along your ride.
  • The carefully designed handlebar makes it easy to zip through the traffic.
Mono-shock Suspension
Mono-shock Suspension
  • It comes equipped with inverted shocks at the front and first-in-segment mono-shock suspension at the rear for best riding experience.
  • A simple push of a button and the electric power runs through the veins of this EV. It is quite simple to operate. Toggle switches and push buttons are there to help you switch through different modes.
Revolt RV400 Remote Key
Revolt RV400 Remote Key
  • ‘The Remote Key in itself is the key to the future.’ You can lock, unlock, start the bike and locate it, all from the key itself.
  • This EV is tech-enabled for sure. And you can remain connected with your RV400 using the MyRevolt app. In our test, we found the app pretty responsive and helpful. You can start/stop your bike, choose different sounds for your bike, check the riding history, call for an SOS battery delivery, geo-locate and geo-fence your bike and so on.
Ground Clearance of Revolt RV400
Ground Clearance of Revolt RV400
  • Cruising through the Indian roads is tough. Potholes and different obstacles can prove to be troublesome. But with Revolt RV400, you don’t need to worry. It has the highest ground clearance in the segment.

How safe is it to drive the RV400?

The Revolt has made sure that the rider feels safe. There are a plethora of safety features that the Revolt RV400 comes equipped with.

  • First of all, the side stand. It is a safety stand which makes sure that the bike engages only if the stand is put off.
  • The RV400 comes equipped with Combination Braking System (CBS) which ensures that you are in control of your bike, even in the event of hard braking.
Rear Disc Brake
Rear Disc Brake`
  • The Revolt RV400 has got disc brakes at both the ends which ensures that you can stop your vehicle whenever you want.
  • At the front part, RV400 gets a 90mm / 17-inch tyre while the rear end gets 120mm / 17-inch tyre.

Revolt is a striking looking bike!

Revolt RV400 Headlamp
Revolt RV400 Headlamp
  • At the front, you will get an LED projector headlamp with LED DRLs inspired by the Revolt logo.
Revolt RV 400 | LED Taillamp
Revolt RV 400 | LED Taillamp
  • At the rear, RV400 sports an LED taillamp, again inspired by the Revolt emblem. It’s bright enough to make RV’s presence felt. It also gets sleek LED blinkers.
  • In our review, we found out that the headlamp was powerful enough to illuminate the way ahead of us.
  • The design itself is a futuristic one. The lightweight frame provides agility and a better power to weight ratio.

What about the cost?

My Revolt Plan
My Revolt Plan

The Revolt RV400 comes with an MRP or the My Revolt Plan. Under this plan, you will have to pay a monthly subscription cost of ₹3,999 for a period of 38 months. It will include:

  • The base price of the Revolt RV400
  • The insurance cost of the bike (Basic two-wheeler Insurance)
  • Unlimited battery swaps
  • Service costs
  • One time replacement for the tyres

So you pay a total of ₹1,51,962 over a period of 38 months and Revolt takes care of everything else.

Final Verdict

Revolt RV400 has got everything one must look for in a city commuter. It has got style, power and comfort. And on top of that, it is environmentally friendly. So, you can for sure choose Revolt RV400 for the daily commute. Impressed by the bike? Book one of yours by clicking here. Let us know your thoughts or queries related to the RV400 in the comments section below.

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