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The Rising Emergence Of Pick-Up Trucks In India

We all have seen pick-up trucks around us, but mostly as commercial carriers. Primarily they are used by small business owners who use them to transport goods over short distances. Except for the commercial ones, lifestyle pick-up trucks such as the V-Cross & Hilux are also available.

India's very own pickup truck
India’s very own pickup truck

A pick-up truck is mostly not the first vehicle someone buys; it is generally an add on for their business after a standard family car. But lifestyle pick-up trucks solve this; this segment was introduced by Isuzu in 2014 and has caught on with time.

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Although Isuzu has been running smoothly without any competition as the products from Tata & Mahindra are primarily for commercial usage. Now Toyota has also launched its candidate in the market, Hilux. Let’s see how the segment has risen with time:

  • Better Power

    Pickup Trucks India
    Pick-up Trucks India

    Pick-up trucks run on powerful engines which are designed & tuned to tow and carry heavy loads around. This gives an edge of torque over ordinary SUVs in a similar price range. They offer a better deal as the ride quality is also better and stable along with the potent engine.

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    Buying a pick-up and buying another family car can be a costly affair, with the result being a comprise of the family car with a lower price & segment. Business owners around the outskirts can kill two birds with one stone by just buying one lifestyle pick-truck.

  • SUV Skills

    Pickup Trucks India: A probable future?
    Pick-up Truck

    These trucks are usually slightly more extensive than the SUVs but have the same essential skills as their SUV siblings. They can tackle the same rough terrains with good ride quality and even more load with ease.

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    Globally pick-up trucks are usually AWD, but in India, they start with 2-wheel drive with a 4X4 version on offer along. Pick-up trucks are an excellent choice for adventure seekers & off-road enthusiasts; the large room at the rear allows more than camping. And Enthusiasts can use the same truck in rallies; these are built to tackle the most challenging terrains and still come out in a single piece.

  • Market Growth

    Mahindra Scorpio Getaway Pickup Truck-01
    Mahindra Scorpio Getaway Pickup Truck-01

    The word around says that Isuzu is working on setting up a facility in Andhra Pradesh with a capacity to turn out 120,000 units in a year. This would be an investment of about ₹3,000 crores currently; Hindustan Motors assemble the D-max in Chennai.

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    Hilux is the second lifestyle pick-up truck launched in India, the competition would be fun to witness, but a majority might choose the new Hilux over Isuzu D- max. A survey done in 2020 shows the segment growing 17%, boosting the village economy catering to the rising e-commerce. As consumption rises, the market also increases.

    Lifestyle pick-up trucks are a practical choice for small business owners and adventure enthusiasts. Be it transporting goods or rallying throughout the desert, they can handle everything and still be a regular family SUV. What would be your pick?

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