5 Best Safety/Security Car Accessories For Your Car

Safety car accessories

Cars are more than just a mode of transport; it’s a way of life. Probably this is the reason why we care about our vehicles like they are a part of our families. And much like our families, the first step towards pampering for your vehicle is by ensuring its safety/security through a smart car accessory. So here are 5 great car accessories to ensure the safety/security of your vehicle.

  1. Fog Lamps Accessories

    Car Fog Lamps // Image for representation

    Despite the Indian automotive industry continuously evolving, a majority of manufacturers still don’t offer fog lamps onboard entry-level variants of their best-selling models. This is the reason why buying a set of fog lamps could be one of the best decision you can take to ensure overall safety while driving. Fog lamps not only increase the visibility of the roads during fog, but it also helps you cruise through heavy rainfall and other adverse conditions quite easily, making them a worthy car accessory.

  2. Dash Camera

    Dash Camera

    If you are someone who has recently bought a new set of wheels, or someone who is keen to protect their car, a dash camera could be a smart car accessory to invest in. Not only does a dashcam, secures your car against theft by being a deterrent, it also helps you a great deal in case of an accident. With a Dash Camera installed, you can be assured of not only a safer but also a more secure drive, making them one of the most wanted car accessories out there.

  3. Tyre Pressure Accessoires

    Tyre Pressure Gauge

    Often ignored, tyre pressure is a crucial component of safety when it comes to driving. An under-inflated tyre usually generates more heat than usual, which can ultimately lead to tyre burst and excessive wear. Moreover, at high speeds, an under-inflated tyre can lead to catastrophic imbalances. Therefore having a tyre pressure gauge by your side can be a smarter decision to make.

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  4. Tyre Inflator Accessories

    Gusto Series Of Tyre Inflators

    A tyre can go bad at any time during your journey. And tyre repair shops are a common sight in metropolitans, on highways, they can be quite hard to find. In such cases, having a tyre inflator onboard can ensure that you and your loved ones reach your destination safely. With a tyre inflator, you can also fix an under-inflated tyre, in addition, to temporarily inflate even a punctured tyre while you reach the nearest tyre repair shop.

  5. Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier

    While ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle, we often forget about our own health. An Air Purifier is thus, one of the smartest car accessories that can ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, by keeping your vehicle safe from harmful pollutants such as dust, bacteria, fumes and other airborne and gaseous contaminants. Moreover, during the COVID pandemic, breathing clean air is quite an essential

So these were 5 great car accessories to ensure the safety/security of your vehicle. Whenever you decide to bring home a car accessory make sure you head over to the GoMechanic Accessories page, where we curate the best quality accessories only for you! Till then, stay pinned.

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