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Second-Hand Motorcycle: 10 Things to Check Before Buying

Because of the pandemic more and more people have shifted to personal commute. And one of the versatile modes of personal transport is a two-wheeler, especially a motorcycle. The increase in sales of the bikes says everything about the increasing demand. But if your budget is tight.

Also, you want to have a piece of the machine that is fun to drive yet affordable, second hand bikes are a perfect option. PS. At times one can get a really fantastic deal. So, here are things to keep in consideration when buying a used motorcycle.

  1. Fix Your Budget

    Well, money is possibly the most important thing when buying a motorcycle. So, we recommend you to fix up your budget. At times a person is ready to adjust the budget which we do not recommend. That said, one should take his/her budget cap very seriously. Otherwise, in no time, you’ll end up regretting by buying an expensive motorcycle.

  2. Type of motorcycle

    Now with the money out of way, decide which type of motorcycle you are after and what would be its purpose. Here are the type of motorcycles and what they are built for.

    • Commuters
      Xtreme 160R
      Xtreme 160R

      The motorcycles that are known to be value for money and are easy to maintain here in India are the commuter bikes. As the name suggests these bikes are best suited for city use and are okay for once on a while highway cruising. The best part about these motorcycles is that they have a really low running and owning cost. (Hero Splendor, Hero Xtreme 160R, TVS Apache 160.

    • SuperSport
      TVS Apache RR310
      TVS Apache RR310

      As the name suggests these bikes are purpose-built and distinct from other motorcycles running on the road. The distinguishing factor is the fairing covering the engine compartment from the side and a visor to deflect the wind out of the riders way. That said, these motorcycles are aerodynamic and usually race track focussed. (KTM RC 390,TVS Apache RR310)

    • Street Naked
      BMW G310R
      BMW G310R

      The motorcycles that share the same platform as a supersport also have the same engine. The difference lies in the riding ergonomics. Where the supersport motorcycles are committed and you sit while leaning forward naked motorcycles are quite the other. These motorcycles offer a relaxed riding experience those are not far off from the committed riding and not upright either. (KTM Duke 390, BMW G310R)

    • Cruisers
      Honda H'Ness CB350
      Honda H’Ness CB350

      Willing to go on long rides in comfort? A cruiser is a perfect machine for you. This type of motorcycle offers a sofa like comfort (just exaggerating). These are the motorcycles those have a really good low-end punch and a decent mid-range making them a bit lethargic on the highways. (Royal Enfield Meteor, Honda CB350 H’ness).

    • Adventure
      KTM 250 Adventure (Orange)
      KTM 250 Adventure (Orange)

      Coming to another serious type of motorcycle, the adventure tourers. These are the motorcycles that are somewhere in between the off-road motorcycles and road tourers. These bikes can do the majority of rough roads and can even go a little serious with the concept of no roads. But don’t expect them to be hill climb motorcycles.

  3. Thoroughly check the following

    With the major selection, from budget to the type of motorcycle done, let’s shift how to check a second-hand motorcycle.

    • Lights
      Honda HNess | All-LED Headlights
      Honda HNess | All-LED Headlights
      • One of the prime things that get kaput is the headlight. There can be two things to the headlights, either the wiring or the bulb is not working.
      • At times the headlight housing gets water stains inside. This is because either they have been tampered with or are not genuine.
    • Brakes
      Steel Braided Brake Lines
      Steel Braided Brake Lines

      The braking system is one of the simple yet most important components in a motorcycle. Check the brake lines of any leaks. Also, don’t ignore the spongy brake feel as they can be a bit expensive to repair.

    • Engine
      Kinetic Challenger Engine
      Kinetic Challenger Engine
      • The powertrain or the engine is the assembly that is usually tampered with. The engine is a very complex machine, making it difficult to repair it to its original glory.
      • That said, there are motorcycles priced low but have a terrible engine. Stay away from those. One can notice an annoying piston noise and at times a clicking sound from the head. Don’t forget to check them.
      • Also, don’t forget to check for oil leaks from the oil sump and the crankcase. These are the paramount reasons for leaking oil.
    • Suspension
      Mono-shock Suspension
      Mono-shock Suspension | Second Hand Bikes
      • The motorcycle rides on tyres and they are mounted on the chassis via the suspension. In short, these play a vital role in keeping the motorcycle up and planted on the road.
      • They can get worn with use and then, they usually behave in a weird manner. An exhausted suspension usually bottoms out or leaks oil and feel extra soft with no progressive response.
    • Rust

      One should not forget motorcycles primary enemy, rust. You can easily make out whether the motorcycle has been taken good care or not. If there is rust, you have your answer.

  4. Make sure the Bike has not Tampered With

    Instrument Cluster
    Instrument Cluster | Second Hand Bikes

    To sell the motorcycle at an escalated rates, bike owners usually tamper with it, speedometer being one. Check the instrument cluster’s seal and also look for scratches. Usually, scratches arise to force open the speedometer.

  5. Service Record

    Promise For Better Servicing
    Promise For Better Servicing | Second Hand Bikes

    This is not so common in the commuter motorcycles but talking about high-end bikes, the owners usually take good care. This also includes periodic service with a proper service record.

  6. Test Drive

    Suzuki Gixxer
    Suzuki Gixxer | Second Hand Bikes

    In the end, never forget to take the motorcycle for a spin. You can diagnose a ton of things by riding the bike itself. This includes brakes, clutch, gear lever, throttle response and more. Alongside that, a person with a keen interest in motorcycles can also make out the flaws in the bike if any.

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Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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