10 Good Sedans That Died An Untimely Death In The Last Decade [Part 1]

10 Good Sedans That Died An Untimely Death In The Last Decade [Part 1]

A sedan, sometimes known as a saloon, is a three-box passenger car featuring compartments for the engine, passengers, and boot. This segment of the vehicle despite being value for money, (certainly more than the best selling SUVs) does not sell as other segments. By far in passenger cars, the sedan is among the least selling vehicle. This translate that the majority of the vehicles that have been discontinued in the last decade are sedans. So, let’s take a look at the sedans that were a part of the last decade and are no more since.

  1. Volkswagen Vento (2022)

    Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Vento

    One of the primary sedans from the German carmaker is the Volkswagen Vento. This C-Segment sedan borrowed the majority of the aspects from its sibling hatchback, Polo. This includes the engine, interior, front aesthetics, and even the driving dynamics.

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    Volkswagen launched this vehicle back in 2010 with two engine options, a 1.6-litre naturally aspirated petrol and diesel. Later in 2022, to make way for the new Volkswagen Virtus, the company discontinued the sedan in the Indian market.

  2. Skoda Rapid (2021)

    Skoda Rapid Matte Edition

    Another sedan that was discontinued to make way for a new vehicle is the Skoda Rapid. Like other cars from the group, Skoda Rapid was based on the Volkswagen Vento and this included everything (Almost). That said, the vehicle was introduced back in 2011.

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    And before ending its life of production in India, The Rapid was the most affordable and the most powerful sedan one could buy for under Rs. 10 Lakh (ex-showroom). Finally, before the launch of the Skoda Slavia, the company pulled the plug in 2021.

  3. Ford Aspire (2021)

    Ford Aspire | Best Mileage Cars | Petrol

    The American carmaker Ford was among the companies to make cars that had ultimate driving dynamics. One such was the compact sedan in their portfolio, the Ford Aspire. Based on the Ford Figo, the Aspire did exactly what Figo was capable of and even better in some.

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    For instance, being a sedan, it had a generous boot space to carry luggage. The vehicle was introduced in 20XX and later was discontinued in 2021 because we know why. Almost all the car makers in India that make cars for petrol heads have a not so good end.

  4. Ford Fiesta (2015)

    The Ford Fiesta 1.6S

    The vehicle from Ford that has seen many as well as most successful days from the brand’s portfolio is the Fiesta. Ford Fiesta is a dream car for many as it used to offer ultimate performance coupled with sporty dynamics. It was 2005 when the brand brought the Fiesta sedan to India.

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    The better choice engine was the 1.6-litre Duratec petrol engine that produced 99.8hp of power and a peak torque of 146Nm. Later in 2015 because of limited sales and no care of good dynamics cars, Ford was reluctant to end its production.

  5. Fiat Linea (2020)

    Fiat Punto and linea Range Discontinued- The BS6 Effect

    Unlike Ford, Fiat is a brand that existed in India silently in 2020. Along with its exit, Fiat also cleared all its line-up of cars including the sedan Linea. This vehicle came powered by a set of two engines both turbocharged. The diesel was the tried and tested Multijet Diesel capable of generating 91bhp and 209Nm of peak torque.

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    Whereas the more powerful was the 1.4-litre turbo petrol that generated peak power of 112bhp and 208Nm of peak torque. Fiat Linea enjoyed the time from 2009 and after multiple facelifts and no generation change, was discontinued in 2020.

  6. Honda Accord (2020)

    2016 Honda Accord Hybrid

    The OG D-segment sedan Honda Accord was launched in India back in 2001. This is the time when the Indian automotive industry was just about to boom. And this is when Honda tried to take on this segment with the ultra-long Accord. Back when it was launched in 2001, the Accord was priced around Rs.15.75 Lakh – Rs.16.55 Lakh (ex-showroom). Later in 2014 after a couple of generation changes and facelifts the company ended the production of the Honda Accord.

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    And later reintroduced in India in 2016 with a completely new design and a hybrid powertrain. But as the Accord was a CBU, it was priced higher than its competition hence it didn’t see many potential customers. In 2020, finally, Honda discontinued the Accord once and for all.

  7. Nissan Sunny (2020)

    Nissan Sunny

    Many brands in India faced tremendous difficulties in survival, Nissan is one of them. Initially, the company did see many buyers with their CAAAAAR the Nissan Sunny. With starting price of Rs. 5.78 Lakh (ex-showroom) in 2011, Nissan Sunny was among the most affordable C-segment sedans in India that offered a diesel engine.

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    Additionally, in terms of dimensions, the Sunny was the longest, the widest vehicle in the segment. And after some updates in 2020, after the commencing of the BS6 emission norms, Nissan pulled the plus on this sedan.

  8. Toyota Corolla / Toyota Corolla Altis (2020)

    Toyota Corolla Altis / Discontinued Sedans

    The D-Segment sedans were never the USPs not just for their respective companies but as a complete segment. Not many buyers preferred the D-segment sedans. But one example of a reliable, build like tank car is the Toyota Corolla Altis, the successor of the simple Toyota Corolla. The first Corolla arrived in India in the year 2003.

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    It brought with it reliability, comfort, and luxury, raising the sedan segment’s premium standards. By 2004, the Toyota Corolla had become India’s best-selling executive sedan. Later in 2014, Toyota launched the Corolla in the Altis avatar. Now, in 2020, after the implementation of the BS6 emission norms, the Altis existed India with no news of a new one coming to India.

  9. Toyota Yaris (2021)

    Toyota Yaris | BS6 Cars From Toyota / Discontinued Sedans

    By far the car in the Toyota’s line-up with the least operating hours in India is the Yaris. Launched in 2018, before we even got comfortable with looking at Yaris on road, the company discontinued the car in 2021. Well, this could be to make way for the upcoming Toyota Belta, if it is even coming to India.

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    Toyota Yaris in India came only as a sedan with a reliable but boring 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol. Unlike its hatchback counterpart in the international market, this one only generated 108 bhp of max power and 140 Nm of peak torque. 5-speed MT and a CVT were the choices of transmissions.

  10. Honda Civic (2020)

    2020 Honda Civic BS6 / Discontinued Sedans

    2006 is when the Japanese carmaker Honda launched the iconic Civic in India. It was sleek, it was futuristic and it was a dream car for many kids including myself back then. Under the hood, this vehicle was powered by a 1.8-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that was capable of generating peak power of 130bhp and 171Nm of torque.

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    Well after a facelift due to limited sales Honda decided to end the production of the Civic in 2013. By this time, little did we know if we could ever see the Civic in India again. In 2019, Honda brought back the Civic with a new generation, the same petrol but a new diesel engine. But alas, the legend didn’t do as expected and ended its life in India in 2020.

So, these were the first 10 sedans that were discontinued last decade. In the list, there were good sedans, enthusiastic sedans, and luxurious sedans. Yet their fate was inevitable. Also, stay pinned for a part two.

Let us know in the comment section which is your favourite sedan from this list and why.