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Hyundai Santro Silencer Coating Service At GoMechanic [VIDEO]

Your car exhaust (silencer) is bare metal. And when bare metal is exposed to foreign elements such as rain, extreme heat, stone chips etc very bad things tend to happen. Like, causing micro-abrasions which in the long term can cause some serious rust and corrosion issues.

GoMechanic’s signature silencer coating treatment actively protects and repels corrosion and rust. The actual chemical involved in this service is zinc and aluminium based protective paint which is applied to the silencer surface. This coating reduces noise beneath the vehicle and insulates from heat and cold. This treatment extends the life expectancy of the silencer. The exhaust is also resistant to diesel wash and can withstand high temperatures.

Silencer Coating is probably one of the least talked about car services. Not many car owners take their car’s exhaust that seriously. And trust us when we say this replacing the complete exhaust system is an expensive hassle.

So, in this video, we have a 2018 Hyundai Santro Sportz which is at our GoMechanic Workshop undergoing a Silencer Coating Treatment. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

TL;DR Watch This Video On GoMechanic YouTube

Silencer coating sprays are an essential supplement for your investment. These sprays are well-known for their high UV resistance and UV stability. To protect your car’s exhaust from the harmful corrosive elements, get your car’s silencer coated for enhanced coverage of the exhaust, right now!

These coating services are highly appreciated among our customers for their cost-effectiveness. In order to ensure the execution of these services within the assured time frame, our partner garages have appointed a team of skilled professionals. Here is what GoMechanic Silencer Coating Treatment Offers:

Silencer Coating On The GoMechanic App
Silencer Coating On The GoMechanic App


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