‘No one’s born perfect, but if you drive a Skoda, you are pretty close.’ I know that you must have heard it a lot of times, but its the reality. Today, i.e. 17th September 2020, Skoda India has launched the Rapid TSI with automatic transmission. While the launch, there was a short trip down to the memory lane of more than 80 years. Let’s take a look at the history of the Rapid through the ages. But first, let’s take a look at the Skoda Rapid’s values.

Skoda Rapid – The Values

Skoda Rapid History
Skoda Rapid History

Rapid has been a prominent model from Skoda for more than 80 years. It has carried forward values of Lauren and Klement’s ideology which includes:

  • Timeless Design Ideals
  • Unmatched Performance
  • Superior Built Quality
  • Exemplary ‘Value for Money’
  • Enhanced Safety and Security
  • European Craftsmanship

1934 – Skoda Rapid Type 901 Introduced

Skoda Popular
Skoda Popular

It had been almost 9 years since Lauren and Klement merged with Czech’s largest industrial company, Skoda. The world was ready to witness new possibilities in the automotive segment. And Skoda launched the Rapid, a bigger brother to their Popular, the first car from Skoda with a designated name. It became one of the best medium-class vehicles in Europe at that time.

Skoda Rapid Type 901
Skoda Rapid Type 901

Under the hood, it was powered by a 1.4-litre engine which was capable of churning out 31hp of power. With this 1,386cc engine, the Skoda Rapid could reach a top speed of 100kmph and had a fuel efficiency of 10kmpl.

1938 – Rapid Type 922 or the Rapid OHV

Skoda Rapid OHV
Skoda Rapid OHV | Skoda Rapid History

Rapid became a successful model. So, in 1938, the engine was revised. It was now a 1.6-litre 1,558cc engine which was capable of churning out 42hp of power. The top speed and fuel consumption were the same. There were two body options: two-door and four-door saloons. It too had a great run.

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1980 – Skoda Rapid Coupe | Nothing like the conventional Rapid

Skoda Rapid Coupe
Skoda Rapid Coupe | Skoda Rapid History

Skoda Rapid Coupe was not a conventional Rapid. It came with a rear-engine rear-wheel-drive setup. The engine was a 1.2-litre unit capable of churning 54hp of power. It was mated to a 4-speed gearbox.

2011 – Skoda Rapid Re-launched For Indian Market

Skoda Rapid 2011
Skoda Rapid 2011

Skoda entered India back in 2002 with the Skoda Octavia. The potential of the market was witnessed by the Czech and in 2011, the company launched Rapid for the Indian market. It became a huge success. It was launched with two engine options.

Skoda Rapid 2011 Engine Options

Engine 1.6-litre MPI Petrol 1.5-litre TDI Deisel
Power 105ps@5,200-5,250rpm 110ps@4,000rpm
Torque 153Nm@3,750-3,800rpm 250Nm@1,500-2,500rpm
Fuel Efficiency 15.41kmpl 21.13kmpl

The Rapid became a success story in India. People welcomed the Skoda Rapid and the sedan had a warm response.

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2020 – Skoda Rapid TSI 

Skoda Rapid TSI
Skoda Rapid TSI

The BS6 era came in and Skoda decided to launch the Rapid with an all-new 1.0-litre TSI engine. It is offered with a 6-speed MT and a newly added 6-speed torque converter. This engine delivers 5% upsurge in power, 14% extra torque and extra fuel efficiency of 9% when compared to the 1.5-litre MPI.

This engine is capable of producing 110ps of power and 175Nm of torque. The prices of the sedan have been kept so competitive that it costs less than the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz now.

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