Sedans have lost their charm though the past decade. With the segment making its punch back in the Indian market Skoda is ready with their new Rapid. There were only two cars that ruled the segment in the Indian market. Yes, you guessed it right, Honda City and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. But considering the price, the Honda City is totally on a different level. Well, Ciaz is the one that lies in the range of the Skoda Rapid. Does the Skoda Rapid have what it takes to pin Ciaz down? Let’s find out.

  1. The 1.0L TSI Turbo-Petrol Engine

    Skoda Rapid 1.0-Litre TSI Engine
    Skoda Rapid 1.0-Litre TSI Engine

    From the previous model, the new Skoda Rapid gets a considerable upgrade in its powertrain and drivetrain department. Skoda surely likes to boast about its new Germany-sourced 1.0 litre 3 cylinder turbo petrol engine. Talking about the supreme numbers, this peppy engine makes 110ps@5,000-5,500 rpm and generates 175Nm of peak torque at 4,000rpm. The breathless 1.0-litre engine delivers a good punch as it can propel the car from 0-100 kmph in under 10 seconds. These are some class-leading numbers. Well, guess what, the engine is standard across the range and the base Rider variant undercuts the Ciaz with quite a margin.

  2. Superior Drivetrain

    Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo Variant
    Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo Variant

    Similar to the powertrain, the drivetrain comes standard from the base variant itself. The sedan comes with a 6-speed stick shift that offers slick gear changes. The gear ratios are optimum which makes it possible for the car to clock 100kmph from standstill in under 10 seconds and tops at a little over 200kmph.

  3. Android-based Infotainment System

    Skoda Rapid Infotainment System
    Skoda Rapid Infotainment System

    The amount of features on offer is one of the most important factors for which one buys a car. Well, in these terms, the Skoda Rapid will not disappoint you at all. The Rapid comes equipped with an 8″ android based infotainment system. Speaking of the system, though it looks more of a tablet than an automobile music system. Nevertheless, this infotainment system offers a better quality of sound and more features when compared to the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

  4. Automatic Climate control (Standard across the range)

    2020 Skoda Rapid Rider Interior
    2020 Skoda Rapid Rider Variant

    Not done with the features yet, this car gets automatic climate control, flat-bottom steering wheel with red stitching (Monte Carlo Only). Talking about climate control, it is effective and cools the cabin in no time. The best part about the automatic climate control is that it is standard across the range that means it also makes to the base Rider variant.

  5. Cooled Glove Box

    Cooled Glove box | Skoda Rapid
    Cooled Glove box | Skoda Rapid

    The complete Skoda package ensures hassle-free highway rides and fun in twisties. In the city too the car feels right at home and offers plenty of features, one being the cooled glove box. Anything you keep inside the glovebox will remain cool on the go which, sometimes, is a necessity considering the hot weather.

  6. Simply Safer!

    Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Safety Features
    Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Safety Features

    Skoda Rapid is safer than you can imagine. The sedan gets a set of 4 airbags coupled with all the necessary electronics such as ABS, EBD, Traction control rear parking sensors, and camera. Alongside that, the car also features adjustable heights for the seat belt. The base variant itself comes with all the basic features one would seek in the car.

  7. German Build Quality

    Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI | 12 Upcoming Cars Showcased At The Auto Expo 2020
    Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI

    Who is not aware of the phrase ‘German Engineering’. The Skoda Rapid is sure a better example of the same as the quality of material, though plastic, is of superior quality. When it comes to the interior, one can opt between two colours, a black and beige, and all black with red accents (Monte Carlo variant only).

  8. Indulging Driving dynamics

    The least desired aspect of a vehicle in India is the driving dynamics. But that said, this cannot be experienced without sitting behind the wheel and taking control of the car. In those aspects, Skoda Rapid is just spot on. Rapid comes to equip with supreme suspension that is not that soft nor too firm. It offers the perfect balance between driving pleasure and comfort. Keeping that aside, even the steering has the right amount of weight to it and is inspiring while cornering. For sure, the Skoda belongs to the twisties and the highways.

  9. Elegant Design Scheme

    2020 Rapid Rider Plus | Front Profile
    2020 Rapid Rider Plus | Front Profile

    Based on the Fabia platform, Skoda launched Rapid in early 2011 and the design has changed very little since. Though it has been a decade the elegant design of Rapid has really aged well. The car offers smooth and bold lines floating through the side panels and the square bonnet offers the car the desired width.

  10. Value for Money

    New Skoda Rapid TSI Variants & Prices
    New Skoda Rapid TSI Variants & Prices

    Enough with the features, the cost of the vehicle also hampers the buying options. In this regard too, the Skoda fairs quite decently. The starting asking price for the Skoda Rapid is ₹7.49 lakhs for the base Rider variant. This variant also undercuts the base Delta variant of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. On the other end of the spectrum, the Skoda Rapid costs ₹11.79lakh for the top-end Monte Carlo variant.

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Well, the Skoda Rapid comes with a fair list of features with some shortcomings. Though those negatives are not a deal-breaker for the people looking for a driver-focussed sedan. Considering the complete package, Rider Plus is the most value for money variant with all the necessary features. Well, this offering from Skoda will surely take on the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz when it comes to the driving and German factor.

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  1. It is a good car. But the automatic gear box was big trouble. Another I had engine oil leakage which took lot of time and money to repair. Lastly resale value was very bad.

  2. When it comes to repair and spare parts of the vehicle, it on the bottom side as compared to all other companies.
    Very bitter experience, please don’t go by the looks.
    Moreover 1000 cc engine won’t be successful in hilly areas I think, even people complain of 1200 cc engine in hilly areas. You have nowhere mentioned about the mileage of the vehicle.
    I kept skoda laura for four years, very bad experience.

    • Hi Baltej,
      Sure 1000cc engine will be having a problem in the hills but this ain’t no typical 1000cc. Being a turbo petrol engine, it is a very powerful engine, especially with Ciaz alongside. Talking about fuel efficiency, customers reviews for the same are still pending and will be updated soon. Stay Pinned!

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