The conventional traffic lights will soon be a history on Delhi roads. These old school traffic lights will be replaced by better and new automated LED lights. Police commissioner Sh. SN Shrivastava has given a go-ahead for this new and automated tech. This innovative project is said to be completed in different phases. About hundreds of signals will be installed in the first phase.

Traffic Light
Traffic Light

What are Smart Traffic Lights?

The new traffic lights will be working on microprocessors and many of them are subjected to be wireless. It is said that the lights will be installed on the cantilevers and pole and the two and three-lane roads to get the standard arrangement.

  • Initially, 25 pedestrian signals will be delivered along with a few pelican signals. The arrangement also includes 25 auditory devices and 50 blinkers.
  • New to our country is the pelican signals wherein a pedestrian can halt the traffic in order to cross the roads. Hope people don’t take advantage of it.
  • With that, this system also includes features for handicaps. This also included people who are either visually impaired or people on wheelchairs. The new smart traffic lights will ring a beep as soon as the green lights turn on.
  • These new smart traffic lights will have two operating modes, isolated and coordinated.
  • In the isolated mode, the lights will function independently whereas in the coordinated many lights will be working in sync.
  • To operate the lights there will be a keyboard and LCD display integrated into each light to assist them when something goes wrong.
  • The traffic lights have a metal housing to save the electricals from extreme temperatures and most importantly rains.
Smart Traffic Lights
Smart Traffic Lights | Image Source: (1)

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Smart Traffic Lights is a Good Initiative

These smart lights are advanced enough that the small problem can be diagnosed and repaired on air from the near quarters. These lights are made in such a way that they can withstand heats of about 55-degree celsius. Well, the time will tell whether these smart traffic lights will be any useful or now. But considering the project, the initiative to have a modern ecosystem in modern cities like Delhi is interesting.

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