Sonu Sood cars- no doubt these machines drive him across the city but before we start off with the list, we would like to thank the real-life hero. ‘Not all heroes wear capes’ Everyone was busy saluting doctors and essential workers while Sonu Sood was busy sending people back to their hometowns. All of us know that he has been a big support to the migrant community in this difficult time. He might have played some of the best villains on screen but has surely emerged as a real-life hero now!

The Bollywood actor tweeted that he still thinks of himself as a common man and therefore, helps others in need. In his recent act of kindness, he has airlifted 177 stranded girls from Kochi to Bhubhaneshwar. His efforts to reunite the stranded migrants with their families are commendable! Let’s now have a look at Sonu Sood’s rides and realise how this man has emerged as a superstar from a long time of struggle.

  1. Mumbai Local – The First Ride

    Sonu Sood Local Train Pass
    Sonu Sood Local Train Pass

    All of us know about the Mumbai Local. If you have been in Mumbai and didn’t travel by the local, you need to visit again! Although most of the people use the local for travel purposes, the stars don’t use it for obvious reasons. The above picture shows Sonu Sood’s local train pass which he used in his struggle days. This picture is making rounds on the internet and the actor himself has also tweeted about this. So when there were no Sonu Sood cars, he used to travel by the local. It’s no wrong in saying that this man has faced the real struggle.

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  2. Audi Q7

    Audi Q7 | Sonu Sood Cars
    Audi Q7 | Sonu Sood Cars

    Well, he was soon at the heights of success and bought himself the Audi Q7. Guess, luck wasn’t favouring him at that time because as you see in the above picture, his SUV caught fire on Kalangar junction, Bandra East. Audi is known for making powerful and safe luxury cars.  There is still no official information on what happened to this one. However, reports suggest that it was a short-circuit that lead to the fire.

  3. Porsche Panamera

    Porsche Panamera | Sonu Sood Cars
    Porsche Panamera | Sonu Sood Cars

    Another luxury from Sonu’s collection. Porsche Panamera – A sports car without compromise for everyday use. Don’t worry, we aren’t saying that. The brand does. This sedan has got exceptionally luxurious experience in the city drive. A 3996cc engine powers this car under the hood and this German car comes at a starting price of Rs.1.5Cr!

  4. Mercedes Benz ML-Class

    Mercedes Benz ML Class
    Mercedes Benz ML-Class

    Most of us know this SUV by the name of Mercedes GLE. It was earlier called the ML-Class. Sonu Sood owns one and uses it for his daily commute. We have spotted him many times in Mumbai using this SUV. He is mostly seen on the passenger seat which makes us think he doesn’t like driving in the city traffic. The SUV is quite old but is still in top-notch condition. Well done Mr Sood!

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  5. Maruti Suzuki Zen

    Maruti Suzuki Zen
    Maruti Suzuki Zen

    The one you see above doesn’t belong to Sonu. He said in an interview that he owns one and it is still there inside his garage but not in Mumbai. We are sure whenever he visits his home again, he will make us see his oldest possession!

  6. Bajaj Chetak

    Sonu Sood wanted to keep his father’s memories alive with this one. He has maintained his father’s Chetak in a very good condition and still rides it. He recently tweeted a video where he was seen riding the Chetak inside his Mumbai home. Sonu says that he loves the scooter’s sound and will preserve it as long as he can because this one is a memory of his father.

This was all about Sonu Sood’s cars. He is a self-made star who has struggled a lot in his initial days. Therefore, he knows what real struggle is. This is why he is helping so many migrant workers to reach their homes in this pandemic situation. He has taken such a great initiative and has become the real-life hero to many! We wish him luck for the road ahead!

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