With the improving infrastructure, the roads are getting better. So, recently our Transport Minister put forward a request to the ministry official to increase the speed limits. Following that, the speed limits may increase by up to 20kmph depending upon the category of the road.

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In the request, Nitin Gadkari also added to make the speed limits constant. This means, the speed limits of different national highways may or may not be different. But after this application, the speed limits across the highways may become the same.

Are speed limits an important concern?

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As of now the speed limits varies with different categories of roads and the places that come under a different jurisdiction.

That said, there are multiple concerns that people have regarding the speed limits.

GoMechanic News: Speed Limit Norms Revised in Delhi

  1. To begin with, people face problems driving/riding on the road as the speed limits are not mentioned because of insufficient signboards.
  2. Moreover, after people’s concern about the speed limits in Delhi, people now are warned before an approaching speed cam.
  3. In addition to that, speed limits in Delhi were recently reduced from 80kmph to 70kmph. Meaning, it may be a while that the speed limits are increased.

In the end, higher speed limits surely is a thing to think twice. And after increasing the speed limits, the roads and the highways should be heavily monitored. What do you think? should the speed limits increase?

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