Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it necessary for all new cars launched after the 1st of April 2021 to have dual front airbags. We presume this to be only the beginning of many such reforms the government will introduce to improve road safety. So, here are 6 safety features that have been made mandatory for all cars plying on the Indian roads.

  1. Dual Airbags

    2020 Datsun RediGO Airbags
    2020 Datsun RediGO Airbags

    The first contact in an accident is the airbag. And because of the updated BNVSAP norms, now dual airbags come as a standard fit in most of the cars sold in India. Yes, this also means, even the base variants of some vehicles come with at least two front airbags. Airbags, help reduce the impact and saves the occupants from serious injuries.

  2. ABS + EBD

    Tata Tiago | ABS with EBD and CSC
    Tata Tiago | ABS with EBD and CSC

    Moving on to electronic aid, now ABS and EBD both are mandated in all the modern cars sold in India. If you don’t know, ABS stands for Anti Lock Braking System. ABS helps to avoid skidding of tyres under hard barking and also reduces stopping distance on wet or gravelly roads. Next, EBD stands for Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. When turning, this feature equally distributes the braking force on all 4 wheels according to the force acting on the individual wheel.

  3. Hill Hold Control

    2020 Honda City Hill Start Assist
    2020 Honda City Hill Start Assist

    This is something that is standard in most cars with automatic transmission, this induces, AMT too. But when it comes o mid-range cars, even the vehicles with manual transmission are pampered with hill hold control. Hill hold control allows the vehicle to smoothly move forward when standing on slopes. This means the cars having hill hold control, do not roll back when starting on slopes.

  4. Rear Parking Sensors

    Rear Parking Sensors
    Rear Parking Sensors | car safety features

    These sensors not only help a driver while parking a car but also ensure the safety of the pedestrians that might be at risk while reversing the car. These sensors sense any obstacle and accordingly alarm the driver, depending upon the distance between the car and the obstacle.

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  5. Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners

    Seatbelt Pretensioners | Safety features in cars
    Seatbelt Pretensioners | car safety features

    As the name suggests, this feature restrains the seatbelt in the event of sudden braking or crash, which prevents the movement of the occupants from restraining them to the seat. Thankfully, most of the cars in India come equipped with seatbelt pre-tensioners.

  6. Speed Sensing Door Lock

    Impact Sensing Door Unlock
    Speed Sensing Door Unlock | car safety features

    After attaining a certain speed, the doors of the car lock automatically ensuring the safety of the occupants. BNVSAP has made it mandatory for cars to have a speed-sensing alarm, but the automatic door lock has not been made mandatory. So, to ensure safety, do make sure that the car you plan to buy has a speed sensing door lock.

let us know in the comment section, which other safety features should be made mandatory?

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