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8 Improvement Suggestions For A Better Maruti WagonR 🤔

The Maruti WagonR has made and held its name for more than two decades. It is one of the entry-level hatchbacks from Maruti Suzuki, which checks every box of their buyers. It is an affordable & fuel efficient little family car with a low maintenance cost.

Although the WagonR has been around for a long time with its respective generation updates loading it with more features every time, there is still room for improvement. Let’s see what can be improved in the tallboy:

  1. Improved Safety

    WagonR NCAP
    Crash Test

    Although it is known for its affordability and low running cost, there is a rising focus on safety with time. People are getting more concerned about how safely built their cars are, along with the NCAP rating.

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    Safety is something most Maruti cars have missed out on throughout the time. There are only two cars; Brezza & Ciaz with a 4-star rating and their crossover S-Cross with a 5-star rating. WagonR has a long way to go; with a better grade of steel & with some design tweaks, it can be safer.

  2. No More Boxy Design

    WagonR Tail Lamps

    Since its launch, the car has always kept its signature boxy design with every generation. It is known for its tallboy stance; being slim & tall easily crosses any narrow lanes and cuts through traffic.

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    The design needs to be reconsidered for an intense update, making it a little more proportional & stable. It is acceptable for daily city drives, but stability is an issue regarding highway cruising and speedy turns.

  3. Upsized Tyres/Rims

    Toyota WagonR (Rebadged Maruti WagonR) Caught Testing
    Toyota WagonR (Rebadged Maruti WagonR) Caught Testing

    Currently, it runs on slim 14-inch wheels that have been getting the job done. But for future updates, bigger tyre size is recommended; 15-inch wheels would be great with the car.

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    Upsizing the tyres will be the recommended design change for improved stability. A wider stance and bigger wheels would make WagonR more sturdy and planted on the road.

  4. Better NVH

    Hatchbacks In India With The Best NVH Levels
    Hatchbacks In India With The Best NVH Levels

    The car’s interior is pretty basic and can be a tiny bit upmarket. In addition, reviews suggest a poor NVH with speeds of more than 70km/h, and better steering control is also recommended.

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    Although it is an entry-level hatchback, there is some room to improve the quality of the plastics used inside the cabin. Maruti could also use better plastics & interior material to dampen the outside noise.

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  5. Projector Headlamps

    Automatic Projector Headlamps
    Automatic Projector Headlamps

    WagonR comes with basic Halogen headlamps and optional fog lamps in the lower variants. This could also be upgraded to a projector headlamp set up to ensure better visibility.

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    There are a lot of people upgrading their halogens to projector headlamps. Some people just switch to better light bulbs used in the setup. This could be another vital improvement for the car.

  6. Exclusive Non-Commercial Variant

    WagonR | Indian Cars & their stereotypes
    WagonR | Indian Cars & their stereotypes

    The WagonR owners are tired of hearing that their car is a cab. We all know that WagonR is the most common car utilised by cab companies like Ola & Uber. Most of the time, our showing up cab is always a CNG WagonR.

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    Maruti could introduce an exclusive version available only for the public to smoothen things out here. It would have distinctive features from the version running as a cab and improve the user experience.

  7. Rear Armrest

    Rear- Armrest

    Focusing more on the cabin; there is room for improving the interior as the car prices have been slightly hiked, so We could expect a better interior. Better plastics will even help the NVH.

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    In addition, Maruti could also add cabin features such as a rear armrest. It would surely add convenience with a possible cupholder built inside the armrest.

  8. More Features in the CNG Variant

    upcoming cng cars
    upcoming cng cars

    While the top variants are feature-loaded and do not miss out on almost anything, things are different for CNG variants. There is a list of features that the CNG buyers miss out on and avail from aftermarket options.

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    Cars such as the Tiago do not miss out on features even when it comes to the CNG version. Features such as automatic climatic control, the first in segment safety features introduced by Tata, can also be added.

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