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Maruti Swift Modified To Look Like Volkswagen Beetle, Bizzare!

German automaker Volkswagen introduced to the world one of the cutest cars, nicknamed the Bug. The Volkswagen Beetle. This compact family car was discontinued globally. But then also some people still love the car so much that if they cannot buy one, they’ll make one.

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  • This is the case with one such Beetle lover who got his Maruti Suzuki Swift transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle. The quite close replication was done by a garage named MAGNETO 11 based in Madhya Pradesh. The garage has done a good job while converting the Swift to Beetle.
  • From the video, we can get some glimpse of what work has gone into the conversion. The body panels were made from metal sheets in order to make Swift look like the Beetle. The 4 doors Swift is now left with two doors at the front only, Though the seating capacity is still the same.

  • The headlights and the tail lamps are also the original ones in order to give a taste of authenticity. The dual exhausts are working if the person in the video is to be believed. 
  • Under the hood, The Beetle is still Maruti Suzuki Swift as there have been no modifications in the engine specs. The interior is also the same with just a steering wheel change. An infotainment system has also been added to the car. It also gets a push-button for starting though the key is required. 
  • The automatic roof is yet to be completed. This whole modification of Swift to Beetle took around 12 days. The cost of the modification was around ₹4.5 lakhs. 

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Although there is no verification about whether the garage also gets the required changes from RTO in the RC of the vehicle or not, these modifications are not legal in India as these can hinder the structural integrity of the base car. Also, such vehicles can easily be impounded by the traffic police for not being road legal.

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