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Tata Motors Car Sales November 2022

Although Maruti Suzuki is on top when considering car sales in India, Tata Motors is witnessing the maximum growth. Not just that, Tata Motors also happens to be the most successful vehicle manufacturer in India as of now. This is the fact that the numbers are saying. So, for those who know GoMechanic Blog, it’s the beginning of a new month and the time to look back on car sales. Here we will look at Tata Motors November car sales in 2022.

Tata Motors

In a gist, Tata witnessed tremendous growth in November 2022 compared to last year.

Tata Motors November 2022  | Car Sales

The Indian car manufacturer Tata is in its league regarding car sales. This has to do with the fact that Tata makes cars that are among the safest in the country. Hence, they get respectable scores in the Global NCAP crash tests. In addition to that, the cars from the carmaker are comfortable and are decently equipped with features.

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Tata Motors also has another upper hand over its rivals, electric vehicles. Well, this carmaker in India is the only manufacturer to offer many electric vehicle options, from an SUV to a sedan and a hatchback. Numbers speak for themselves.

Tata Car Sales

Month Year Sales Numbers Growth %/ Difference
November 2022 46,037 54.60%
November 2021 29,778 1.81% / 16,259 units
October 2022 45,217 820 units

Tata is doing better in passenger cars than other carmakers in the country. In November 2022, the company sold a total of 46,037 units of cars. Tata has witnessed a significant growth of 54.6% compared to last year’s last month.

Commercial Vehicle Sales November 2022

Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles

Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle Sales (Units)

Vehicle Type November 2021 November 2022
M and HCV 6,266 8,879
I and LCV 5,099 3,462
Passenger Carriers 1,183 2,041
SCV Pickup and Cargo 15,747 13,048
Total CV 32,245 29,053

Even though Tata Motors is doing extraordinarily well in passenger cars and electric vehicles, the company witnessed a decline in sales despite being the market leader. In November 2022, Tata motors reported the sale of 3,462 units of light and intermediate commercial vehicles. This is a Y-O-Y decline of 32%. In the same month last year, the company sold 5,099 vehicles in this category. Nevertheless, Tata Motors did well as last month’s company reported sales of 8,879 units of medium and heavy commercial vehicles, indicating a growth of about 42%.

With that, we expect the sales figures to rise further as the company has updated its commercial vehicle lineup. This new line-up includes more commercial vehicles that run on CNG.

Tata Motors November 2022 Total Sales

Tata Motors Total Vehicle Sales (Units)

Vehicle Type November 2021 November 2022
Total Domestic Sales 58,073 73,467

Compared to last year’s November, the country’s total commercial vehicle sales recorded were 28,295 units. However, last month, this number decreased to 27,430 units of vehicles. This is a Y-O-Ydecline of about 3%. These sales figures do not include the vehicles that were exported from India. Speaking of which, the Indian automotive giant exported a total of 1,623 units. This is a massive decrease of 59% compared to last year when the company exported 3,950 units.

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The total vehicle sales in Tata Motors stood at 73,467 units compared to 58,073 units last month. This indicated a year-on-year increase of 27%.

This is how Tata Motors did in November; let us know in the comment section below. Would you prefer cars from Tata?