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Here Are 10 Interesting Facts About Tata Motors!

The homegrown automaker is now among the top-selling carmakers in India. Tata Motors has gained immense popularity in the past few months due to the exceptionally good products they make and deliver. Be it Nexon, Nexon EV, Harrier, Altroz or Tiago, every car in Tata’s India lineup has got something or the other which makes it sell in huge numbers. But did you know Tata’s story is not all about these 5 vehicles? This Indian automaker has a long history which all of you should know about. In today’s featured, we have handpicked some facts that you should definitely know about them. Let’s begin!

  1. Global Presence

    Tata Motors
    Global Presence

    We proudly say that this is an Indian brand but did you know Tata Motors is present on the roads of over 175 countries with over 8.5 Million vehicles plying at present? Not only India, but this brand is also known for the vehicles they make in the global market too. While we are Vocal4Local, they are capturing many foreign markets with their products too.

  2. Tata Motors is 70-year Old!

    Tata PV
    Tata PV

    Now that you know them as a passenger vehicle maker, Tata Motors is a 70-year old brand that started with locomotives as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) in 1945!

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  3. Tata Motors x Daimler Benz

    Daimler Benz
    Daimler Benz

    The initial-day Tata vehicles had a Mercedes logo. This is because they had a technical partnership with Daimler Benz. Somewhat like what Maruti and Toyota has as of now, Mercedes’ partnership with the Indian automaker ended in 1969 and finally, they had the new ‘T’ logo!

  4. The Tata 407

    Tata 407
    Tata 407

    In 1986, they shattered the dreams of many automakers who were selling trucks in India. The 407 proved to be a very tough competition to Eicher-Mitsubishi, DCM Toyota, Swaraj Mazda and Allwyn-Nissan. This was a revolution in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) space.

  5. First Indigenous Car

    Tracing The History Of Tata Indica In India
    Tracing The History Of Tata Indica In India

    Now that we are vocal4local, we definitely need to know where it started from! The Tata Indica was the first indigenous car. This was the start of what has taken shape today. Although Make In India wasn’t this much emotion back then, Indica sold like hotcakes and there is no denial to that!

  6. Developed the First SUV

    5 cars that started a new segment in India
    Tata Sierra

    Cars that started a new segment! Tata Motors brought in the Sierra and a new segment was here. This was the first SUV that was brought to the Indian market and now that it’s 2021, you know how SUVs rule the market. Based on the Tata Telcoline, Sierra was designed and produced in India. They are the ones who developed India’s first sports car too!

  7. Tata Safari with a PlayStation?

    Tata Safari with a Playstation
    Tata Safari with a Playstation

    While you and I continue playing video games on our couch, Tata Motors built a special edition Safari way back in 2003 that had an integrated PlayStation! Wondering how it worked? Get the complete details here.

    Read Tata Safari 2003 Limited Edition: The SUV with a PlayStation!

  8. World’s Cheapest (And Costliest) Car!

    Damson Purple Tata Nano
    Damson Purple Tata Nano

    While most of us know the Tata Nano as the world’s cheapest car, there was a version of this small vehicle that Tata Motors developed which was the world’s most expensive car too! The world’s first-ever Gold Jewellery car. It was made of gold, silver and precious gems. It was made to celebrate 5000 years of jewellery making in India and was valued at over 22Cr!

  9. Supplier for the Indian Army

    Tata Safari Storme GS800
    Tata Safari Storme GS800

    This Indian automaker is the most active supplier of vehicles to the Indian Army! From light vehicles to fully armoured combats, they deliver it all to enable the forces to help and protect the nation! Wondering which vehicles are used by the Indian Army?

    Checkout Indian Army Vehicles | Combat Ready!

  10. No Liquor & Tobacco

    Tata Motors
    Tata Business

    Last but not least, we have seen them invest in many businesses but they have never invested in tobacco or liquor. Another thing to notice here is that they have never sponsored a Bollywood movie too. We are stating this fact because steering clear from alcohol and tobacco showcases the values they follow and want us to follow too!

These were the 10 facts about Tata Motors that we think you definitely need to know. Are you a proud Tata owner? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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