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Tata Nexon EV MAX Details Revealed!

Tata Nexon EV has been running well in the EV race and has witnessed significant growth over the last two years. It has helped Tata maintain a significant lead in the EV market and is the most affordable option compared to others; Nexon EV has not faced much competition. Coming to the longer-range version of the Nexon EV known as the Nexon EV MAX; Tata has shared another teaser before the launch on 11 May featuring the EV and some new features:

  • Bigger Battery

The most important update would be the bigger battery pack with an extra bit of power. A 40kwh will power the Nexon EV MAX, and to accommodate that, the floor plan might be reworked, leading to losing some boot space. The bigger battery comes with a 136hp motor, which is 9 more than the previous figure.

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Along with the bigger battery pack, there will be an extended driving range. The previous ARAI claimed range was 312 kilometers, and it is expected to be 400 kilometers this time. The real-world figures will certainly differ depending on various factors and will be lesser than the claimed figures.

  • Interior Tweaks

The exterior design is unchanged and kept the same as the standard Nexon EV, which will also be on sale along with its longer-range twin. However, the exterior might have a new badging. In contrast, the interior has some new additions such as a new center console with the new illuminated rotary shifter with a park mode.

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It will also get a more powerful charger with a bigger battery pack. The Nexon EV MAX will get a 6.6 kW AC charger which is significantly more potent than the previous 3.3 kW AC charger. The latter takes about 10 hours to charge the car, and the time is expected to be reduced with the better charger.

  • New Features & Pricing

    Tata Nexon Coupe In Making? | Coupe-Scoop
    Tata Nexon Coupe In Making? | Coupe-Scoop

The longer-range twin gets new convenience features such as cruise control, front ventilated seats, a park mode, and an air purifier. As the pricing is expected to be hiked, Tata might add ESP:electronic stability program, which will add to the safety features.

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The standard version comes with regenerative braking, further adding up to the range. The Nexon EV MAX might allow the driver to choose from regen-modes enabling the driver to adjust the intensity of regenerative braking and customize the mode accordingly to add to the range.

This new variant will give the buyers a choice in the existing line-up. The more extended range version might cost ₹3-4 lakhs more than the standard top variant, and the dealer’s word says that it might cost about ₹20 lakhs on road. What do you think about this new variant?

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