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Tata Punch VS Bolero Neo- Capabilities Compared!

The Tata Punch was launched a couple of days ago and there was something unique that Tata advertised. The showcased the ground clearance, water wading capacity and other off-road capabilities of the Tata Punch. No one in this segment really thinks about off-roading and water wading! So today, why not put the Punch up against the Mahindra Bolero Neo, and see which one is more capable off the roads!

  1. Tata Punch X Mahindra Bolero Neo | Dimensions

Tata Punch Mahindra Bolero Neo
Height (mm) 1615 1817
Width (mm) 1742 1795
Length (mm) 3827 3995
Ground Clearance (mm) 187 180
Wheelbase (mm) 2445 2680

From the table, it is very clear that the Bolero is a bigger car. However, the Punch gets a marginally higher ground clearance which makes it a tad bit better in crossing rough patches.

Tata Punch

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  1. Tata Punch X Mahindra Bolero Neo | Suspension

Suspension is a very important aspect when gauging the capabilities of any car, and the Bolero shines here. It gets an independent front and multi-link rear, with coil springs and stabilizer bars, which makes it somewhat more off-road friendly as compared to the Tata Punch.

Whereas, the Punch McPherson strut suspension at the front and a twist-beam suspension with coil springs at the rear.

Mahindra Bolero Neo
Mahindra Bolero Neo
  1. Tata Punch X Mahindra Bolero Neo | Wheels & Tyres

Wheels also play a very important role in determining off-road capabilities. Both the Punch and the Bolero Neo get 15-inch wheels, but the sidewall of the Bolero’s tires is 5mm thicker. This makes it more absorbent to undulations on the (off) roads.

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  1. Tata Punch X Mahindra Bolero Neo | Engines

The Bolero gets a diesel engine and the Punch gets a petrol engine. This is enough to tell you which one’s more suited for the off-roads. Let us spell it out though. The Bolero’s torque is more than double of what we see on the Tata Punch. Moreover, its peak torque comes in at only 1750RPM, which makes it much much better off the roads.

Tata Punch Mahindra Bolero Neo

1.2L Petrol, 86HP and 113nm

Drivetrain: Front-Wheel Drive.

1.5L mHawk100 Diesel, 100HP and 260nm

Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive.

Mahindra Bolero Neo
Mahindra Bolero Neo

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  1. Tata Punch X Mahindra Bolero Neo | Pricing

The Tata Punch starts at Rs.5.49 Lakhs(ex-showroom) and the Mahindra Bolero Neo starts at Rs.8.77 lakhs(ex-showroom). The Bolero is considerably pricier, but it is also bigger and better off the roads.

Tata Punch
Tata Punch

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