India’s first indigenously designed SUV, Tata Sierra held a soft spot in the hearts of people that were following cars during the time it was on roads. With the showcasing an EV concept of Tata Sierra on account of the company’s 75th anniversary, a wave of nostalgia was triggered among the fans of one of the most iconic SUV of India.

Even at a concept level, the car has already gathered a following which might make Tata bring that concept to life. Following are 10 points as to why the new Tata Sierra concept invokes a sense of nostalgia. Do note that the new sierra is currently a concept and may change heavily or not change at all.

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  1. What’s New | Old Sierra Vs New

    Sierra suv
    Tata Sierra

    The new Tata Sierra concept has much to showcase, both on the outside and inside. Given we cant compare the engines yet as the new Sierra is still in a concept state but we can draw a contrast on the cosmetic of the car.

    New headlamps, tail lamp LED that runs across the entire rear of the car a sleek yet imposing design all just click into place. Not forgetting the branding on the back which used to be on the Stepney (that word brings nostalgia on its own) in the old Sierra is still present.

  2. More Than A Slight Change | New Sierra Is An EV

    Tata Sierra Reborn Concept Revealed: Auto Expo 2020 Day 1
    Tata Sierra Reborn Concept Revealed: Auto Expo 2020 Day 1

    Yes, the new Sierra is an Electricity powered Vehicle. Is that a bad thing or a good thing is left for time to decide but one thing is for certain, Sierra is going futuristic. We can’t yet compare the power of the old and the new but taking examples of other companies going back to their roots and bringing the old cars back in the future with EV.

    Take the example of Hummer, the cars that were problematic for the environment are now coming back as an EV and this time they are even stronger with going up to 1000bhp in output. Sierra definitely won’t be this strong but it won’t be a weak car by any means.

  3. The Perfect Redesign | Similarity To The Old Sierra

    Tata Sierra
    Tata Sierra Concept

    The broad front, the overall look the three doors, side glass running through the roof all of these are similar to the Sierra of the yesteryear. Given there are more changes than returning features this isn’t a bad thing. it signals that Tata is willing to work on the Sierra to make it futuristic in the current market just like they made the old Sierra the most advanced SUV on its launch back in 1991.

  4. The Iconic Feature Makes A Return | Day Light Opening 

    Tata Sierra
    Tata Sierra

    In an easier term to understand than what some websites will show you Day Light Opening is the size of the actual glass visible. Now look at the old sierra, the amount of Day Light opening is what made the SUV iconic. The glass started from the side and went over the roof to the other side. This was the first SUV in India with such a thing no wonder it garnered attention. Tata hasn’t forgotten this and keeps it in the new concept of Sierra.

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  5. 4 Doors Droll, 3 Doors Are Cool | New Sierra Retains The 3 Doors 

    New Tata Sierra at Auto Expo
    New Tata Sierra

    The title is just there to be a little bit catchy not throw shade on the 4 door cars. The 3 doors for some reason are cool. maybe it is because a lot of cars don’t have the and the exclusivity adds to the feeling, nonetheless, Tata has kept the 3 doors too. Albeit the last door now slides along the sides but it doesn’t take away from the feeling of the old sierra.

  6. Alpha SUV gets the ALFA Architecture 

    Tata Sierra

    The new Sierra will be based on Tata ALFA architecture which means Agile Light Flexible Advanced. The highlights of the system which are also visible on the new Sierra is the aerodynamic structure. The architecture also allows the car to be adapted to multiple shapes depending on the requirements or needs. If more space is needed the height of the car can be reduced and so on. The architecture also allows for huge boot space and enough space in the front for both electric and conventional fuel source to share space allowing for a hybrid system.

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  7. Not Only EV | Possibility for Conventional Fuel Engines

    tata suv india
    Tata Sierra

    Even though the concept showcased for the new Tata Sierra was an electric vehicle. It doesn’t end there. Looking at the concept it is visible that the company wants the car to be similar to its former self. this means that if enough people ask for it Tata might consider other engine options such as petrol and diesel engine. Before you ask for such an option do remember that EV is better for the environment and if they are giving out more or equal power its already a win.

  8. Concept To Reality | Could launch in 2022-2023

    Sierra Concept Interior

    The concept showcased in Auto Expo 2020 from the exterior looked quite ready to sell sans some changes to make it ready for production. Tata could have been testing waters with the showcase to see if people would like an old SUV back and this time with electricity inside it. And with the attention it got, its safe to say people want it. Tata could deliver the car in 2022-2023 given the think its good enough to start producing.

  9. The Shake Up In SUV Segment | Seltos and Creta Rival

    Kia Seltos

    If and when Tata Sierra launches it will make its presence known. If it were to launch currently it will be the toughest competition Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta could face. The return of the car will first make all the fans of the SUV return to their roots and get hands-on the car and Sierra will attract new fans due to its looks and features.

  10. Aggressive Pricing For An Aggressive Car | Could Be Priced At 10 Lakhs INR

    tata suv
    Tata Sierra

    A car is only as good as its price. If Tata Sierra launches at a price of around 10 Lakhs INR for the starting trim this would put it in between Tata Nexon and Tata Harrier fulfilling the gap in those cars. This will fill the demand for people that want something better than Nexon but can’t afford Harrier’s top trim.

Tata Sierra was an iconic car. Loaded with technologies ahead of its time the SUV won the hearts of many. This time when it makes a comeback it will have to win those hearts again and some new ones. Will it stand the test and match the expectations people have for it, or will it be a generic SUV with nothing new to show. This is something we will let time decide as being the fans of this car we really want it to succeed.

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