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Tata Styzor, Bovita, Auroar, Xiomara New Tata Electric Cars?

Tata had announced 10 electric vehicles by 2025-26. They revealed the Curvv & Avinya. They are based on the Gen 2 platform underpinning both IC engine & EV cars; Avinya is based on the newer Gen 3. The former is expected to arrive by 2024 and the latter by 2025.

  • Tata; the leading EV manufacturer in the country

    Tata Avinya Electric Car | Everything You Need To Know
    Tata Avinya Electric Car | Everything You Need To Know

    Tata motors is already the leading brand in the EV race, running among the manufacturers. They are selling about 5000-6000 units of their Tigor EV & Nexon EV in a month and working on more electric vehicles too. While some companies might still decide to put in an EV candidate, Tata is already making a line-up.

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    We also witnessed the unveiling of Curvv & Avinya recently. This gives a glimpse of how the future will be with electric mobility taking over. Both concepts seem to have great potential, and the reveal gave promising hope to all the EV fans throughout the country.

  • More new EVs are on the way.

    Styzor Name Filed

    Tata has also been secretly filing out new names, which we expect to be new electric vehicles adding up to the lineup. These might be based on the newer Gen 3 platform like the Avinya. Tata has filed the following names: Styzor, Bovita, Auroar, Xiomara.

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    But not every name filled out needs to get into production, as when Tata filed the trademark for Curvv, they also filled one for Sliq, which we have no clue about to date. The Tata Motors passenger division filed these four names, and there is a high chance that we might see them in their upcoming EV lineup after a reveal in the next few years.

  • Tata’s plan ahead

    Tata Nexon Coupe In Making? | Coupe-Scoop
    Tata Nexon Coupe In Making? | Coupe-Scoop

    We know so far that Curvv will be the first car launched with an electric powertrain as the EVs up till now were converted from an IC engine version. Unlike the Tigor or Nexon EV, the Curvv will be designed from scratch for an electric version first, and we might have an IC engine version later on.

    After catering to Curvv, which will fall in Gen 2 EVs, Tata will focus on Avinya, a Gen 3 EV, with the current Tigor EV & Nexon EV being Gen 1. Avinya will be an apex level product from Tata motors, and the expectations are already high. We might have some common features with Tesla, such as the autonomous driving feature. In addition to that, the Avinya platform is not restricted to SUVs; it can underpin sedans & crossovers, too, giving the brand more room to expand.

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    The EV version of Altroz with a good range and an extended battery pack, and rumours around also tell about the EV version of Punch. Tata has already been releasing teasers of the longer-range Nexon EV known as the Nexon EV MAX, which Tata will release soon on 11th May. They are planning to ignite the EV production at their newly acquired plant from Ford at Sanand with an additional investment of ₹2000 crores into this plant and manufacture and reach the targets by 2026.

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