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Tata Tiago To Tata Tigor Projector LED Headlight Upgrade at GoMechanic

As per NHTSA, nearly half of all traffic-related fatalities occur in the dark. Whereas, only 25% of this travelling actually happen in the dark.

Aside from the Horn, your car headlights play an essential role in ensuring your safety inside the car. They also play a pivotal role in communicating with fellow drivers.

Your car headlights also allow you to see the road marking, road signs and unexpected obstacles which are super common in Indian conditions.

Today at the GoMechanic Workshop, we have a 2021 Tata Tiago, which, from the factory comes with a stock single halogen reflector setup. This is the top model of the Tiago; the XZ+ which comes with auxiliary halogen reflector-type fog lights.

Now, you might be aware that Tata also makes the Tigor which is basically a compact-sedan version of the Tiago. But, in comparison to the Tiago, Tigor comes with some added features. One such feature is the Projector headlamp. Tigor comes with a dual barrel hybrid headlamp setup.

For the low beam, you have a projector pod and for the high beam, we have a conventional reflector setup. Rests are your usual turn signal and parking lamps. Everything here runs on Halogen.

On this 2021 Tata Tiago, we will be doing a headlight replacement service and will be installing the Projector headlights of the Tata Tigor onto this Tiago with some added modifications. Watch this video on the GoMechanic YouTube Channel to know more.

If you are looking to upgrade your car headlight for better output and enhanced safety, Download the all-new GoMechanic App and book a headlight replacement service for your car. We offer 100% genuine OEM/OES spare parts with Manufacturer Warranty and doorstep car pick-up and delivery. As always, do Like, Share and Subscribe to the GoMechanic Youtube channel 🙂

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