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Tata Tigor EV: Here’s Why This Should Be Your Next Car

If you’re in the market searching for a brand new Electric Vehicle with a tight budget, then Tata just became your best friend. Well, not entirely a best friend but they have announced the launch of the Tigor EV and it’s definitely something you should consider. If you want to know more about the Tata Tigor itself then you can click here.

Here we explain why it should be your next car if your budget is under 10 lakh.

  • Price

2021 Tata Tigor EV
2021 Tata Tigor EV

We want to hit the bullseye in the first point and that is the price. We do understand it is a compact sedan and its ICE based Tigor model is priced under 10 lakh to start with. But what’s noteworthy is that in the same price bracket there is no passenger Electric Vehicle at all. And looking at the prices of petrol and diesel reaching new highs every single day, buying an EV makes more sense. Well, If not for long journeys but at least for city drives, which consist more than 75% of your car’s usage. Since it is electric, there is no need to change gears as well and that makes it even more desirable. If you calculate the cost per km in an EV and compare them to either of the fossil fuels then you would probably be booking this EV before finishing this article.

  • Motor

Tigor EV motor
Tata Tigor EV motor

The new Tigor EV uses the advanced Ziptron powered 300V+ architecture and uses a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor that produces 75hp and 170Nm of peak torque on the Tigor EV. This allows it to go from 0 to 50kph in 5.7 seconds (claimed). The motor is borrowed from the Nexon EV, a very potent motor and in its sports mode, it accelerates like there is no tomorrow. Imagine this in a much lighter and more compact structure and it will be a hoot to drive.

  • Battery

Battery pack of Tigor EV
Battery pack of Tigor EV

Tata is offering a 26kWh Lithium-ion battery pack with the Tigor EV. Both the battery pack and electric motor also have an IP67 rating. With the new Ziptron tech, the Tigor EV is now compatible with fast charging. Using a CCS2 certified fast charger, the Tigor EV can be topped up from 0 to 80 per cent in just 60 minutes, while the same can be achieved via a regular AC charger in under 9 hours. Tata also offers an 8 year/ 1,60,000km battery and motor warranty. The cost of maintenance of the battery for every service is also less since there are fewer moving parts in an EV.

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  • Range

2021 Tata Tigor EV range
2021 Tigor EV range

The range on this compact sedan is expected to be around 250 km, which is asking more. But, if you consider the customers confirmed range of around 180 km on the Nexon, and this being a smaller vehicle, it is something we can agree on. Yet, we can only confirm after the initial owners provide us with their input.

  • Features

Connected Tech features
Connected Tech features on the Tigor EV

The updated 2021 Tigor EV comes with a host of features and they are :

  • It gets Tata’s iRA Tech with over 30 connected car features.
  • It features a 7.0-inch touchscreen Harman branded infotainment system accompanied by 4 speakers and 4 tweeters.
  • Automatic climate control
  • Auto-folding ORVMs
  • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
  • Push start button
  • Projector headlamps with LED DRL’s
  • New 15″ alloy wheels with blue accents
  • Comes with a comfortable boot space as well
  • Safety

Tata Tigor and Tiago rated 4 stars at the Global NCAP
Tata Tigor and Tiago rated 4 stars at the Global NCAP

When it comes to safety, Tata has always been at the forefront and one of the leaders in producing the safest cars in India. The ICE powered Tigor already performed very well at the GNCAP crash test by scoring a healthy 4 stars. Since the platform remains the same overall except for a few tweaks to accommodate the battery and the motor, you can bet that this is a safe family car. Apart from that, it gets ABS with EBD, Corner Stability Control(CSC), Hill ascent and hill descent features with dual front airbags.

Tata is definitely checking the market with eagle eyes and its product portfolio clearly reflects that. The EV market is gaining slowly throughout the world and not just in India. And with a majority of India’s population being middle-class, we want to see more products like the Tigor EV which is not only easy on the pocket but does not compromise on other important aspects like safety as well. and above all that, it is polar bear friendly as well.

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