Buying a new car is an extreme joy for all of us. Although the dealerships do all the paperwork for us nowadays, it is really important to keep a check on all the formalities being done. We know each one of us is extremely happy while getting a new car for ourselves but there are some associated formalities which can land you in trouble if not done well in time. The most important thing to look out for is the registration number. Now you would say that cars come with a registration number which we get printed on the registration certificate.

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Just to let you know, there is a temporary vehicle registration number as well which you get for your car till the time your car is registered in the RTO. Here is how you can get yourself a temporary registration number in India if the dealership doesn’t do that for you!

How to get a Temporary Vehicle Registration Number in India?

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Temporary Registration Number in India

Upon buying a car, the buyer has to apply for a permanent registration number. Before that, getting a temporary registration number is a must! Also, the owner has to ensure that they get a permanent registration number within a month of receiving the temporary registration number. Currently, the Transport Ministry has not launched any online registration process however, you can download the forms online, get them printed and submit them to the RTO. Here is how you can get a temporary registration number in India:

  1. Download Form 20 and apply for a temporary registration number in your regional RTO. You can download the form here
  2. Provide the documents required. You can find the list in the next part of this article
  3. Pay the required RTO fee and tax.

What are the documents required for temporary vehicle registration?

Here is a list of documents that you need to attach with the Form 20 when you apply for your vehicle’s temporary registration certificate:

  1. Form 21: Sale Certificate
  2. Form 22:  Road Worthiness Certificate
  3. Car Insurance Certificate
  4. Owner’s Address Proof: Aadhar Card or Ration Card
  5. PUC: Pollution Under Control Certificate
  6. PAN Card: You can also give Form 60 and 61 in case of unavailability of the PAN

It is recommended for the owner to get a permanent registration number within a month of getting their new vehicle. If the owner is unable to get the permanent registration done, they can apply for an extension of their temporary registration number. They can simply submit the documents mentioned above once again with Form 21 and get the registration done from the RTO. Remember, you can apply for an extension only twice. You need to pay the penalty as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 if you apply the second time.

What are the charges for temporary vehicle registration?

The charges for the temporary registration of the vehicle vary according to your state. For example, in Punjab, you can get a car registered temporarily for Rs.50 while in Andhra Pradesh, you need to pay Rs. 300 for the same. It is advised. to contact your local RTO. for the exact updated prices.

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Temporary Registration Number in India

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You need to submit multiple forms to get a temporary vehicle registration. Finding each one of them individually can be a hassle. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click here to find all the forms listed on the Parivahan Sewa official website. This will help you get your vehicle registered without any difficulty.

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Usually, dealerships do the temporary vehicle registration process for you before delivering it. As a customer, it is your duty to be aware of all the formalities. You should check for yourself because blaming someone, later on, isn’t a good option! Share this article with someone planning to buy a new vehicle. Help them know about the initial registration process so that the dealership can’t overcharge them in any manner!

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