Tesla is about to arrive in India really soon and we expect a lot from the upcoming brand. All of us know that the electric car maker we are talking about is already doing great and has set many examples for the next level automotive. Be it the electrification of mobility or the complete autopilot setup, Tesla has delivered the next level automotive before anyone did! Electric cars with superpowers – this is what Tesla is known for! Let’s have a look at how compatible can Tesla cars be in the Indian market when they arrive.

  1. Model S

    Tesla Model S (2019)
    Tesla Model S (2019)

    Starting our list of Tesla cars rated according to their Indian compatibility, we have the Model S in the first place. Talking about the US website, this car is available in 2 variants where the first one is the performance variant and the other one is the long-range plus variant. As the name suggests, the first one will provide you with better performance stats while the second one will give you a longer range while being slow in terms of pickup.

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    As far as India is concerned, we expect Tesla to bring both the variants to our shore and have a successful venture as the Model S has got all that you can expect. It has the decent ground clearance and loads of features. Needless to say, the Tesla Autopilot comes along.

  2. Tesla Model 3

    Tesla cars in India
    Tesla Model 3

    This one has got all that is needed by the AWD lovers. An electric car with an all-wheel-drive (although that’s optional) but you can still go for it. Model 3 has got a 0-100 time of just 3.1 seconds. It has got a top speed of 260kmph. The Model 3 is available in 3 variants where the customer can select among Performance, Standard Plus and Long Range AWD.

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    If we get the Model 3 in India, it would be an absolute delight for those who love to go on difficult terrains. However, this car being electric can be a disadvantage when you decide to go offroad. We are not doubting the performance at all but we are talking about the range. Difficult terrains mean lesser availability of electricity. If you are not taking your Model 3 to difficult terrains, there is no point of paying extra for an AWD. On the other hand, if you take it to difficult terrain, you will have to ensure the availability of electricity which is quite challenging.

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  3. Tesla Model X

    Tesla Models in India
    Tesla Model X

    The electric auto brand has got something in the house for the SUV lovers as well. People are usually doubtful about the ground clearance of a vehicle from another country coming to India. Well, its as SUV so we don’t think we need to mention anything about its ground clearance suitability with Indian roads. The Tesla Model X has got a 5-star safety rating and a proper seating space for 7 adults! What’s more? You can tow up to 5000 pounds on its back! It has got falcon-wing doors (we doubt if they will come to India).

    About performance, the Model X is the quickest SUV on the entire planet! Yes, you read that right. This electric SUV goes from 0-100 in just 2.1 seconds! Remember, its electric. With a lot of features like the huge panoramic sunroof and a massive 17-inch central display, this SUV seems to be promising for the Indian market and can have a bright future in our country.

  4. Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Model Y
    Tesla Model Y

    Model Y also comes with an AWD motor which provides a range of 524kms in a single charge. This is an ultimate blend of an all-wheel-drive with the availability of 7 seats. The Model Y comes with an optional availability of 7 seats which can be folded to increase the boot space and increase the utility even further.

    This one goes from 0-100 in 3.1 seconds and has got superior traction control. Model Y is capable of driving well in rain, snow, mud and off-road. If this comes to India, the only problem we will face is the availability of electricity in remote areas with difficult terrains.

  5. Tesla Roadster

    Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadster

    Electric sports car anyone? Well, this one is a bit low on our rankings of Tesla cars with their compatibility with the Indian roads. The only reason is that it is a sportscar! This two-seater machine with a glass roof looks absolutely stunning and works great considering the US road conditions. Is it fit for India too? Well, you might have seen supercar owners struggling at places where the road conditions are not that good.

    Alternatively, there are others who are just trying to find a patch of road to unleash their beast. Well, this electric supercar can do wonders just like one that runs on oil. FYI, this goes from 0-100 in 1.9 seconds. Will this work for India? You decide!

  6. Tesla Cyberturck

    Tesla Cybertruck | Weird Or Whoa?
    Tesla Cybertruck | Weird Or Whoa?

    Wierd or Whoa, whatever it might look to you, its definitely doing a great job in the countries where its currently on sale. This electric pickup truck is safe and delivers a great performance as well. Two factors to be considered for the sale of Cybertruck in India are the cost (of course) and its body type. We mean that its a pickup truck! All of us have already seen that pickup trucks aren’t really doing good in our country and we doubt the same for this electric pickup truck.

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    No matter how great this Tesla might be in terms of performance, we don’t think India is ready for it as we need to be familiar with the already existing pickup trucks first. We need to accept them as a normal member of society.

These were the 6 Tesla cars and our thought on their compatibility according to the Indian road conditions. Not only the road conditions, but these cars can also achieve a great response based on their capabilities. But one big question still remains unanswered. Is India really ready for electric mobility yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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