Tesla Cybertruck Replica Built At Just Rs. 7 Lakhs

Tesla Cybertruck replica built at just Rs. 7 lakhs
Tesla Cybertruck replica

Tesla, the American brand which is known for using innovative and cutting edge technology in the automobile sector was recently in the news for launching an all-electric truck which is quicker than most of the petrol-powered ones. The Cybertruck has been launched in the USA and costs around $30,000 which roughly translates to Rs 25 lakh. Now a bunch of YouTubers from Russia has come up with a replica of the Cybertruck that costs only 7 lakhs.

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Tesla Cybertruck Replica Built At Just Rs. 7 Lakhs

 The YouTubers had stripped down an old Lada hatchback and started building a truck frame on it. The frame was built using steel pipes and metal and after some time the frame of the car starts resembling the Cybertruck. Then they started working on the straight lines and the angular shapes on the truck that the original truck has. They brought sheets of metal and start welding it with the frame and bending it.

 After a lot of cutting, welding and grinding the car looked like a mini Tesla Cybertruck.  Replicated Cybertruck also gets an edge to edge headlamps and tail lights that were seen in the Tesla Cybertruck.

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 It had some limitations like the YouTubers could not figure out a way to incorporate working doors, so the only way to enter and exit was from the hatch. And the other thing which was different was, of course, the power. The replica is nowhere near the Cybertruck when it comes to power figures.

Talking about the Tesla Cybertruck, the body of this futuristic truck is made out of 30X cold-rolled steel that is extremely sturdy. The windshields are made of Tesla armour glass and are much sturdier than the regular automotive windshields. The vehicle rides on an adaptive air suspension system that can be adjusted.

So, what’s your take on the Tesla Cybertruck replica?

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