Tesla Model X | The Safest Car?

Tesla Model X | Euro NCAP

The Tesla Model X was recently tested for crash safety. The latest round of the Euro NCAP crash test turned out to be really surprising. This is because the Tesla Model X has been awarded a 5-Star rating! The autonomous braking ability of the car was highly praised. The collisions were either avoided or mitigated in most of the cases.

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The Euro NCAP has a rating system where they rate the cars on a scale of 0 to 38. The Model X scored an appreciable score of 37.5 in terms of adult occupancy. This score comes out to be 98% and that’s really great! The electric SUV scored really well in all-around adult protection in full-frontal, frontal-offset, lateral and whiplash protection in case of a rear collision. As stated above, the autonomous braking system was praised and awarded too.

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The car scored well in terms of child protection too. The test was conducted using a 10-year old child dummy and the neck protection turned out to be poor in case of a frontal impact. The 6-year old child dummy was also tested in the Tesla Model X and the results state that the 6-year old dummy was safer as compared to the 10-year one.

Tesla Model X | Euro NCAP

The agency not only tests the safety of the occupants but the pedestrian safety is also taken care of. The Tesla Model X scored 72% in terms of pedestrian safety. The car has got a deployable bonnet which can offer adequate safety in case of a collision. Although, the pelvis protection still remained poor. Tesla Model X scored a whopping 12.3 out of 13 in terms of the safety systems installed. FYI, this is 94% safety system score.

Model X is the second Tesla car tested by Euro NCAP. Earlier, the Euro NCAP tested the Tesla Model 3 and to our surprise, it scored a 5-star rating as well! 

See the detailed crash test report here.

Therefore proved, Tesla never compromises in terms of quality.