5 Things Only A Toyota Innova Owner Will Relate To!

5 Things Only A Toyota Innova Owner Will Relate To!

The Innova is India’s most loved MPV. It has been on the market for over a decade now and it still remains unbeatable. Plenty of power, spacious cabin, unmatched comfort and solid reliability are a few things that make it stand at the top. Today, let’s take a look at 5 things only a Toyota Innova owner can relate to!

  1. 6 Digits on the Odometer

    It is no secret that the Innova is a pure mile muncher. It can literally go thousands of kilometres before you feel just a little tired. No, it does not have the highest top speed, but it can very comfortable sail at a steady 120KM/hr, which is way more than enough for any highway!

    Toyota Innova Odometer

  2. 4 Digits on the Service Bill

    Yes, the Innova is expensive to buy, but it is not that expensive to maintain. A regular service/check-up where no major parts have been changed won’t cost you more than Rs. 10,000. This too is on the higher side. This is not only the case for the Innova but for all Toyota cars. Even the Fortuner has relatively low service costs when compared to other cars on the market! 

    Toyota Innova Touring Sport | Engine

  3. Rarely touched Warranty Papers

    Well, this is not true for 100% of cases, but it is true for most cases. Toyota’s fit and finish, quality of materials and solid machinery always ensure that no part of the car ever gives up on you. These parts age extremely well and will make you feel like your Innova is brand new for years to come. This is also one of the major reasons why all Toyota Cars are considered so reliable, globally.

    Toyota Innova Crysta Limited Edition

  4. Safety and Security on the Toyota Innova

    The Innova hasn’t been tested by the GNCAP yet but it has been tested by ASEAN NCAP (5 Star). Toyota proudly boasts a solid build quality on the Innova ensuring that the passengers inside always feel cocooned. Of course, the standard equipment for safety is filled with ABS, EBD, ESP, Traction Control and 7 Airbags. Dig a little into user reviews and you will find that there are multiple people who have purchased the Toyota Innova more than 1 or 2 times!

    Toyota Innova Crash Test Rating

  5. Unmatched Comfort on the Toyota Innova

    This is a self-explanatory point for the Innova. Even the base variant, which is mostly used for Taxis is super comfortable to be in. The cabin is airy, well lit, and has a good number of AC vents all around. Toyota has managed to master the suspension game on the Innova because it’s just so smooth on the highways at some serious speeds. Some might argue that the Innova is more comfortable than the Fortuner!

    Toyota Innova Seating Configuration

Do you think that the Innova is worth all the hype around comfort and reliability? Let us know in the comments below!

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