Top 5 Diwali Cleaning Accessories For Your Car & Home

Diwali Cleaning Accessories

The festival of lights is just around the corner, with the traditional need to gear up with Diwali cleaning accessories. Many of us have already clouded our pre-Diwali shopping lists with essential brooms & dusters, buckets & mops, cleaners and whatnot. 

The perfect Diwali cleaning is, however, incomplete without cleaning your garage and your prized ride. Cars are built differently and require a completely different set of cleaning accessories. Specialised dusters, cleaners, shampoos, polishing agents etc., are required to give your car the same neat & clean look as your house. 

Diwali Cleaning Accessories – Car & Home 

Thanks to GoMechanic, certain multipurpose cleaning essentials are equally safe and effective in cleaning your car and house. Read on to learn about these car & home cleaning essentials available at exclusive offer prices with GoMechanic Accessories. 

GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is the single most important Diwali cleaning accessory to ease your efforts. Be it your living room or car cabin. You can easily reach those difficult corners & crevices with freely available specialised nozzles. Besides, you can stack the unit anywhere inside your car thanks to the compact & handy form factor. 

GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaners

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Jopasu Duster 

The good old duster is an extremely handy Diwali cleaning accessory to get started in the first place. Thankfully, the Jopasu car duster finds multipurpose use in the car and house cleaning. With 100% wax-treated cotton strands, you will never have to worry about a scratch, whether it’s your car’s paint job or your plasma screen. 

Jopasu Car Duster

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GoMechanic Microfiber

When it comes to washing your car, a microfiber cloth is an all-time indispensable cleaning accessory. These are super absorbent and made of lint-free fabric. As a result, you can easily wipe your car dry without having to worry about water spots or streak marks. GoMechanic Microfibers have up to 850GSM, making them super-effective in dry and wet wiping. 

GoMechanic 850GSM Microfiber

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Waxpol Protectol

The Waxpol Protectol is an all-purpose shiner and protector which is especially useful inside your car. This detailing accessory can easily restore the lustre & shine of your leatherette seat covers. It is equally effective in restoring dull plastic, vinyl, rubber & painted surfaces. Whether it’s your leather seat covers or a comfy leatherette couch, this Waxpol multipurpose cleaning accessory is a must to restore faded leather & plastic items. 

Waxpol Protectol – All Purpose Shiner

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iBell Nanojet Pressure Washer 

A pressure washer is a must-have if you are always struggling with Diwali cleaning with buckets of water. Just in case you are wondering what good can a pressure washer do for home cleaning, think again of that dirty patio accumulating years of dust & dirt. The iBell Nanojet Pressure Washer offers an easy way to remove the coat of dirt and restore it to its original finish. 

iBell Pressure Washers

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Festive Discounts On Diwali Cleaning Accessories

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