August 2020 has been a great month for car manufacturers in India. Despite the global pandemic, car sales in India have revived. While Maruti Suzuki Swift turned out to be the top-seller for the month of August 2020, MSIL has gathered 48.23% of the market share! No matter how hard other brands work on car safety and tech, Indians still prefer buying Maruti over others. Now, we have already told you that Maruti Suzuki has got a massive share in the market, it is not difficult to guess that it acquires the first position among the top-selling car brands in India in for the last month. Let’s now have a look at the complete list of the top 10!

  1. Maruti Suzuki

    Maruti Suzuki Swift | Hatchbacks with LED Headlamps
    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    No doubt India loves Maruti Suzuki a lot! Last month’s stats show that MSIL has acquired the majority of the market share in terms of car sales! That is indeed a big achievement. If you are a regular reader, you might have seen the top 10 selling cars for August. The list had 7 Maruti Suzuki cars! We agree that MSIL cars have got great features and best-in-class mileage. Wait! Why is Eeco still there on the list?

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  2. Hyundai

    2020 Hyundai Creta Variants
    2020 Hyundai Creta

    The second one on the list of top-selling car brands in India is the Korean automaker – Hyundai. We have seen many upgradations in the Hyundai lineup in the past few months. The Grand i10 NIOS, the Aura, the Verna, the Venue iMT and the biggest sales booster, the 2020 Hyundai Creta. Hyundai has made Indians experience turbo petrol engines at an affordable price and addressing them as a trendsetter won’t be wrong! Hyundai stands in second place with a sale of 45,809 cars.

  3. Tata Motors


    Tata is seeing rocket high success these days. Among all the Indians who chose mileage over everything, some of them have finally started taking sensible decisions and preferring safety over anything else. Tata Motors stands at third place among the top-selling car brand in India, thanks to the development of safer cars for India. Tata Motors sold 18,580 vehicles this August.

  4. Mahindra & Mahindra

    2020 Mahindra Thar is Unique
    2020 Mahindra Thar

    “We live young, We live Free!” Well, the 2020 Mahindra Thar completely justifies the brand’s tagline. Although the Thar is planned to be launched on October 2nd 2020, other Mahindra vehicles have provided a great boost to the sales for this Indian car manufacturer and therefore it stands at 4th. Mahindra sold 13,651 vehicles in August 2020.

  5. Kia Motors

    Kia Carnival
    Kia Carnival

    With just 2 cars down the lineup, this Korean auto brand is doing wonders in the Indian market. The Kia Seltos has seen a huge success in the Indian market ever since it was launched and the Carnival also seems to be gaining good numbers but still doesn’t stand anywhere near the segment leader, Innova. Kia Sonet has already created the much-needed buzz online and now has started reaching the dealerships too. We have great hopes from the Sonet. This time, Kia closed at 10,845 units and became the last brand to sell over 10k units in August 2020.

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  6. Renault India

    Renault Triber
    Renault Triber

    The car you see above has made the Indian audience realise that they can easily get an MPV under 10 Lakhs! You get 7 seats, optional AMT and many more features which make the Renault Triber a must-have! Renault India has also launched the Duster Turbo petrol and now that the people are obsessed with turbo petrol (thanks Hyundai!), Duster turbo will also do a great job in the market! Renault sold 8,060 units in August 2020.

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  7. Honda

    All New 2020 Honda Jazz
    All New 2020 Honda Jazz

    Be it the Jazz, the City or the W-RV Honda is constantly upgrading the lineup. While they continue to sell the older-gen City with the new one, other cars are also helping them gain some market share. We expected Honda to hold a higher rank but they finished at 7th position among the top-selling car brands in August 2020 with a sale of 7,509 units.

  8. Toyota


    Toyota has partnered with Maruti Suzuki! Did they expect a boom in the sales by reselling the successful Maruti cars under their brand name? The audience doesn’t seem to like their game. Maruti Suzuki Baleno has been in the top-selling cars from the initial stage but Glaza doesn’t seem to impress the audience much (although its the same car). What do you think will happen to the Urban Cruiser? Toyota finished at 5,555 this time.

  9. Ford

    Ford Freestyle Flair
    Ford Freestyle Flair

    The American automaker seems to be struggling a bit now. Ford has seen a decline in car sales and we haven’t seen any Ford in the top 10 selling car for quite long now. We don’t know what future plans they have in their mind but for now, Ford is experiencing low sales and stands at the 9th position among the top-selling car brands with 4,731 units.

  10. Morris Garages (MG)

    MG Hector | How To Do It Right?
    MG Hector

    Last but not the least, India is on a move against China. MG, however, is still there among the top 10 selling car brands. They have launched the Hector Plus and the Gloster will be here too. With a really promising lineup, MG sold only 2,851 cars in August 2020. This. is actually a good number considering the emotions during this pandemic.

Here is a tabular representation of the top-selling car brand in India in August 2020:

Brand August 2020
Sale Figure
August 2019
Sale Figure
YoY Growth
Maruti Suzuki 1,13,033 93,173 21.32%
Hyundai 45,809 38,205 19.90%
Tata 18,580 7,316 153.96%
Mahindra 13,651 13,147 3.83%
Kia 10,845 6,236 73.91%
Renault 8,060 5,704 41.30%
Honda 7,509 8,291 -9.43%
Toyota 5,555 10,701 -48.09%
Ford 4,731 5,517 -14.25%
MG 2,851 2,018 41.28%

*Source: Rushlane

Indian Car Sales Report August 2020 Brand Wise
Indian Car Sales Report August 2020 Brand Wise

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