Top Best Selling Car Brands In September 2022

Top Selling Car Brands | September 2022

October has just begun, and it’s time to see how major carmakers have done in September. By the looks of it for sure, we can say that September has been quite fruitful with almost all key OEMs enjoying success. Here’s how major OEMs did during September 2022.

The Leaders

The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Tease
Domestic Sales


Sep 2022


Sep 2021


% Change YoY Market Share%
Maruti Suzuki 1,48,380 63,111 135.11 41.80
Hyundai 49,700 33,087 50.21 14.00
Tata Motors 47,654 25,730 85.21 13.43
Mahindra & Mahindra 34,508 12,863 168.27 9.72
Kia India 25,857 14,441 79.05 7.28
Toyota Kirloskar 15,378 9,284 65.64 4.33
Honda Cars 8,714 6,765 28.81 2.46
Renault 7,623 7,326 4.05 2.15
Volkswagen 4,103 2,563 60.09 1.16
MG Motor 3,808 3,241 17.49 1.07
Skoda Auto 3,543 3,027 17.05 1.00
Nissan India 3,177 2,701 17.62 0.90
Citroen 1,386 72 1825 0.39
Jeep 1,116 1,311 -14.87 0.31

Another month, another lead by Maruti. September 2022 proved to be the most successful month for Maruti as it registered 1,48,380 units sold with 0.59% MoM growth and a massive 135.11% YoY growth. Even in terms of volume growth, Maruti clocked in 85,269 units over what it did in September 2021.

Hyundai Creta Knight Addition

On the second spot was Hyundai with sales touching almost the 50,000 mark. With 49,700 units sold, the OEM gained 16,613 units YoY hitting a 50.21% YoY growth. The MoM growth chart was also green with a small but significant 0.38% growth.

tata kaziranga edition suv’s revealed

Taking the third spot was India’s very own Tata Motors which was just a few cars short of the Hyundai mark with 47,654 units sold and 21,924 units gained in volume registering 85.21% YoY and 1.03% MoM growth.

2021 Mahindra XUV700

Next up was Mahindra with 34,508 units sold and 21,654 units gained in YoY volume. The growth registered was a massive 168.27% (YoY). The MoM chart spiked up as well with 4,656 units gained registering 15.60% MoM growth.

Kia Seltos Facelift

On the 5th Spot was Kia with 25,857 units sold with 79.05% YoY growth and 11,416 volume growth. Kia also registered a 15.84% MoM growth as well, with 3,535 units gained.

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Other Key Performers

Toyota Hilux: A True Offroader!

Toyota came in 6th with 15,378 units sold, registering a 65.64% YoY growth and a good 2.80% MoM growth. Volume gain marked was 419 units MoM and 6,094 units YoY.

The 7th, 8th and 9th Spot were bagged by Honda, Renault and VW respectively with all of them showing positive growth at 28.81%, 4.05% and 60.09% YoY and 12.16%, 8.71% and 99.95% growth MoM.

Volkswagen Virtus

German giant Volkswagen marked awesome growth figures surpassing its sister OEM Skoda when it comes to sales. The 10th, 11th and 12th spots were taken up by MG, Skoda and Nissan respectively. While all these OEMs displayed a positive YoY growth when it came to MoM figures a drop of 0.39%, 16.08% and 3.23% MoM was seen respectively.

For Citroen, the launch of the C3 proved detrimental and helped the OEM clock in 1,386 units taking its YoY growth to 1,825% and MoM growth to 63.06%. Last came in Jeep that couldn’t do well, with only 1,116 units sold

Lastly, we have Jeep which saw a drop in sales on both a YoY basis and MoM basis. At 1,116 units sold, Jeep fell at the bottom of this list with a 15.52 % fall in MoM figures.

Market Share Kings

As evident from the sales figures, Maruti held a huge 41.80% of the market, with Hyundai clocking in at 15.08%. 14.37%, 9.09% and 6.08% respectively were taken up by Tata, Mahindra and Kia. Thus, the top 5 leaders of September 22 held as much as 86.42% of the market. With other OEMs contributing towards the remaining chunk.

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