Another sales report we have this time is for the scooters in India. This time, we have gone way too far for our audience and helped them know about the stats their favourite vehicle has yielded in the past month. For today’s featured, we have got the top 10 most selling scooters in India. Read till the very end and who knows, one of these might be your next choice! Let’s begin!

  1. Honda Activa (94,274 Units)

    Honda Activa 6G
    Honda Activa 6G

    Without any doubt, Honda Activa is the leader among the top-selling scooters in India. For the month of June 2021, India’s favourite scooter ended up selling 94,274 units with a YoY drop of 22.52%. This drop is possibly because of the ongoing pandemic but considering the economic crunch, almost 100k units selling is still a great thing to see.

  2. TVS Jupiter (31,848 Units)

    top selling two wheelers
    TVS Jupiter

    Another popular scooter in India. Considering the sales figures, this scooter has not been able to match the sales of Activa (obviously) but what the numbers show is that this scooter lies at almost one-third of what Activa sold. TVS Jupiter is also a good choice when it comes to scooters. The main thing to notice here is that this scooter has experienced a drop lower than what Activa did. The YoY drop for this one is 15.82%.

  3. Suzuki Access (31,399 Units)

    Suzuki Access 125
    Suzuki Access 125

    On the third rank is Suzuki Access 125 with a sale of 31,399 units. This scooter is also a good 125cc machine that can be an absolute value for money thing when it comes to scooters. The Suzuki Access 125 can be a good choice if you are a first-timer in the world of scooters.

  4. Honda Dio (18,983 Units)

    Top-Selling Scooters
    Honda Dio

    Moving on, we have the Honda Dio on our list. This sporty scooter is a really young machine as far as design is considered. Honda Dio is a very popular scooter among the Indian audience and the YoY growth figure is 22.16%.

  5. Hero Pleasure (17,937 Units)

    top selling two wheelers
    Hero Pleasure

    Another scooter has been here in the Indian market for a long. For the month of June 2021, Pleasure ended up selling 17,937 units. If you get into the number analysis, you would notice a YoY change of 19.48%.

  6. TVS Ntorq (15,544 Units)

    TVS NTorq with CVTi Engine
    TVS NTorq with CVTi Engine

    in the sixth place, we have the TVS NTorq with a sale of 15,544 Units. This 125cc machine has been a good competitor to the Honda Activa and the Dio as well. The TVS Ntorq has reported YoY growth of 20.66%.

  7. Suzuki Burgman (7,935 Units)

    Top selling scooters
    Suzuki Burgman

    In 7th place, we have the Suzuki Burgmann. This scooter has reported a YoY drop of 36.39% and a sale figure of 7,935 units. With this, the scooter becomes the first one to sell less than 10,000 units.

  8. Hero Destini (5,491 Units)

    Top Selling Two Wheelers
    Hero Destini

    In 8th place, we have the Hero Destini 125. With a sale of 5,491 units, this scooter reported a YoY drop of 33.77%. The Hero Destini may not be as popular as other scooters on this list but has done great if we consider the sale figures considering the competition in the market.

  9. TVS Pep+ (3,368 Units)

    Top Selling Scooters
    TVS Scooty

    Moving towards the end of the list, we have TVS Pep+ with a sale of 3,368 units. This scooter might not look as appealing as others on the list do, it has scored a decent sale number. If we talk about the YoY drop, this scooter has experienced a 50% drop from the same month last year.

  10. Honda Grazia (3,314 Units)

    top selling scooters
    Honda Grazia

    The last one on the list is the Honda Grazia with a sale of 3,314 units and a YoY change of 53.15% in the negative! This scooter sold almost half of what it did in the same month last year.

Here is a tabular representation of the data

Scooter June 2021 Sales  June 2020 Sales  YoY Change
Honda Activa 94,274 1,21,668 -22.52%
TVS Jupiter 31,848 37,831 -15.82%
Suzuki Access 31,399 18,680 68.09%
Honda Dio 18,983 15,540 22.16%
Hero Pleasure 17,937 15,012 19.48%
TVS NTorq 15,544 12,883 20.66%
Suzuki Burgman 7,935 12,475 -36.39%
Hero Destini 5,491 8,291 -33.77%
TVS Pep+ 3,368 7,832 57%
Honda Grazia 3,334 7,116 -53.15%

*Data Source: GaadiWaadi

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