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Upcoming Electric Cars in India in 2020: Worth the Hype?

With electric cars becoming more and more popular in India, many companies have hinted to bring their best EVs in the country. Tata with Nexon EV, MG with ZS EV and Hyundai with Kona Electric have already taken over the market by storm. Let’s have a look at the electric cars from various manufacturers expected to launch in India in 2020.

Upcoming Electric Cars in India in 2020

Model Expected Price Battery Capacity Range Charging Time Top Speed
Audi e-Tron ₹90 lakh-1 crore 95 kWh 400 km NA 200kmph
Porsche Taycan ₹1.08 crore 79.2 kWh 333-407 km NA 250kmph
BMW i3 ₹1 crore 42 kWh 150-200 km 5 hours 150kmph
Jaguar I-Pace ₹1 crore 90 kWh 470 km 80% in 10hrs 320kmph
Nissan Leaf ₹35 lakh-₹40 lakh 40 kWh 230-250 km 8 hours NA
Volkswagen ID3 ₹30 lakh-₹45 lakh 45 kWh 330 km NA NA
Mahindra XUV300 EV ₹18 lakh 40 kWh 200-300 km NA NA
Mahindra eKUV100 ₹9 lakh-₹10 lakh 15.9 kWh 140 km 6-8 Hours NA
Mahindra-Ford Aspire EV ₹6 lakh-₹8 lakh NA 200-300 km NA NA

The brands like Audi, Jaguar, Porsche and BMW are expected to launch the luxury electric cars in India this year. Mahindra will be dwelling into the budget EV segment with its offerings.

If you don’t want to wait for the launch, you can have a look at these electric cars that are already in the market.

EVs in India (Already Launched)

Model  Price Battery Capacity Range Charging Time Top Speed
MG ZS EV ₹19.88 lakh 44.5 kWh 340 km 6-8 hours 140kmph
Tata Nexon EV ₹13.99 lakh 30.2 kWh 312 km 8 hours 120kmph
Hyundai Kona Electric ₹23.86 lakh 39.2 kWh 452 km 6 hours 167kmph
Tata Tigor EV ₹11.37 lakh 16.2 kWh 142 km 6 hours 80kmph
Mahindra eVerito ₹10.39 lakh 21.2 kWh 181 km 11-12 hours 86kmph

*The prices listed here are for the base models

The first three are one of the most sought EVs in the market right now with Tata Nexon EV being the latest entrant.

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Be it the upcoming electric cars or the already launched ones, India is surely heading towards an electrified future. What’s your take? Let us know in the comment section.

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Ritvik Gupta
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