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Toyota Offers Extended Warranty Upto 10 Years On Hybrid Car Batteries

Toyota India is offering an extended warranty scheme of up to 10 years on hybrid car batteries. More specifically, the warranty applies on hybrid car batteries for 8 years/1,70,000 lakh km to 10 years/2,40,000 lakh km.

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  • This new warranty scheme offered by Toyota is valid for all new models for the year 2020 for Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles.
  • The company has specified that the warranty is only applicable on the battery pack and no other vehicle components like battery control module, hybrid control module, and inverter, which will be covered under the standard 8-year warranty scheme.
  • Heather Updegraff, General Manager, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications said; that Toyota introduced the first hybrid vehicle in the world more than 20 years ago, but people still have hesitations about owning a hybrid vehicle. Our goal is to minimize that concern and this new warranty extension for the hybrid battery is just another way we are leading the industry and putting our customers first.
  • According to the Japanese automaker, it is offering this extended warranty on its battery modules to encourage the customers to shift toward hybrid vehicles.
  • Toyota currently offers the Camry Plug-in Hybrid and the Prius Hybrid in India. The Camry Hybrid rivals the Honda Accord Hybrid in India.

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