Checkout These 6 Toyota Fortuner Stereotypes

Toyota fortuner stereotypes

There are no second thoughts about this. Toyota Fortuner is the king of the full-size SUV segment. Since its launch in 2011, it has been the favourite car of Indians. It has been 10 years and many great products later, it still reigns as the king. Since its been a long time, it is but obvious that a couple of stereotypes have been established about it. So readers, here are 5 stereotypes of Toyota Fortuner owners-

  1. HUGE Alloys

    Toyota Fortuner Alloy wheels | Image Source (1)

    The 17 inches alloy wheels offered by Toyota look pretty decent, and they even provide an upgrade option of 18 inches. But Indians don’t seem to find this ‘. You can see Fortuners with massive wheels( sometimes 24 inches!) fitted by their owners, especially UP and Haryana owners; maybe tire size is directly proportional to the ego? Ouch!

  2. VIP Sticker/Hooter/Flashers

    Flashy Lights | Image Source (1)

    I’m pretty sure it is illegal to put a VIP buzzer or flashing lights on your car, but we Indians just love to break rules. It is a common practice for Fortuner owners to install their vehicle with such lights and hooters. They usually take advantage of the SUVs road presence and just don’t care.

  3. Its A Convoy Car

    The Rally Car | Image Source (1)

    Toyota Fortuner has a road presence like none other. Be it the size or the looks, no car doesn’t even come close when it comes to road presence. And it becomes even more intimidating when you know that there is a high chance that it is owned by a politician. With those flags and the whole convoy vibe, you can’t imagine any other car if you think about a politician; after the HM Ambassador of course!

  4. Bass Tube Is A Must!

    Premium Sound System | Image for Representation only

    If you feel like listening to Punjabi music, just hang out with a Fortuner owner. Combined with the great audio system, it is no less than a night club. To be honest, it is a disgrace if you are driving it without blasting your favourite hits. Being civilized, what is that?

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  5. Absolutely Dominates The Road

    2021 Toyota Fortuner

    I can bet you on this, 9 out of 10 Fortuner owners are guys. It’s not like it is very rugged or uncomfortable. And it’s not like females don’t like driving SUV’s, they in fact find them safer. But I don’t know for some reason its the rarest of the rare situation when you see a lady driving this beast. Maybe work on your marketing Toyota?

  6. Offroading? Maybe…

    Toyota Fortuner

    The Fortuner has incredible offroading capabilities. With its torquey engine and a 4×4 drive system (yes there are SUV’s with no 4×4 system, you got the hint) it is one of the best offroaders you can buy. But what do Fortuner owners do? Just drive fast on Indian roads. I mean I do understand its a very expensive car but then just buy a sedan instead? A very accurate stereotype.

On a serious note, the Toyota Fortuner is one of the best SUV in its segment and the new Legender clears all doubts. Still, facts are facts and these were the 5 stereotypes of Toyota Fortuner owners.

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