Toyota Fortuner Vs CBR250R || Results Will Shock You!!! [ Watch Video]

Toyota Fortuner Vs CBR250R || Results Will Shock You!!!

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most loved SUVs in India and the Honda CBR250R is a sophisticated bike that is known for its amazing specs. The video shown below was uploaded by TBC Motovlog a few days back.

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In the video, the CBR250R rider is riding his bike at a breathtaking speed of 120Km/hr and out of nowhere a Toyota Fortuner overtakes the bike clearly indicating that he wants a race. The CBR250R rider accepts the challenge and zooms in for a quick chase.

Gradually, the CBR250R rider increases his speed in order to overtake the car but is still quite behind. Determined to succeed the CBR250R rider takes the bike to its full potential and revs the throttle to almost 158Km/hr ! and is finally able to overtake the Toyota Fortuner amdn this time for good.

After leaving the Toyota Fortuner behind the CBR250R rider seems satisfied,but it is not over yet, to his surprise he again sees the monster menace trying to tailgate him in his rearview mirror! Upon seeing this the bike rider again increases his speed and this time the clock seems to be ticking on his favor and the Toyota Fortuner is not able to keep up with the bike this time and the CBR250R gushes towards victory.

Toyota Fortuner

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Although this face-off seemed quite unfair as the Toyota Fortuner is considered to be a four-wheeled luxurious beast and if compared to the Honda CBR250R is a lot heavier. Nevertheless, This four-door beast pushes the power-output to 174hp and 420Nm of torque equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox with its diesel variant. while the petrol variant offers 163hp of power and 245Nm of torque. The SUV also has an automatic transmission variant which offers an extra 30Nm of torque.

Honda CBR250R

The Honda CBR250R holds a 249cc liquid cooled, 4 stroke, dohc, si engine with a 6 speed gearbox capable of pushing the power output to an impressive 135 km/h. Additional feature on the CBR250 include front and rear disc brakes with ABS support and stands at a base price of Rs. 1.65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).