Toyota Hilux Coming To India! What You Need To Know

Toyota Hilux Coming To India!

The Toyota Hilux is all set for its launch in the Indian market, and we’re super excited! The concept of pick-up trucks hasn’t yet picked up in India (pun intended). With the launch of the Hilux, a bit more excitement and murmur around this segment is expected to pick up. Here’s everything you need to know about the Toyota Hilux in India!

  1. Design

MASSIVE- this is probably a word that can best define the Hilux. As all trucks are supposed to be, the Hilux is also quite massive. It exceeds the Fortuner’s length by almost 500mm, sounds small but it really is huge! The Toyota Hilux will be based on the same platform as that of the Fortuner, however, it will be much much bigger. The designs on the Hilux will most likely be focused on being big and bold.

Toyota Hilux
  1. Interior

Again, a lot of the interior components of the Toyota Hilux will be shared with the current-gen Fortuner. So we can expect the Hilux to be comfortable and decently loaded from the inside. The rear-seat space might be a tad bit tighter than the Fortuner, because of the massive loading bed. Components like the infotainment system, seats, steering wheel are expected to be lifted off the Fortuner.

Hilux Interior
  1. Engine

Since the Toyota Hilux will be on the same platform that houses the Fortuner, engines are also going to be shared. The Hilux will use the same 2.8L Diesel that makes 208HP and 500nm of torque. This should be sufficient to pull around the mammoth that the Hilux is! Toyota might re-tune the engine to ramp up the torque figure, but nothing is yet confirmed.

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  1. Pricing

Since the platform is heavily localized, the prices of the Hilux should be similar to that of the Fortuner. A starting price between Rs-34-36 Lakhs can be expected. The only competition for the Hilux will be the Isuzu D-Max, which starts at Rs.16.98 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

Hilux Exterior
  1. When is the Toyota Hilux launching?

The launch is expected in January 2022. Bookings for the Hilux have already started at some showrooms.