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Toyota Kirloskar’s action plan to fight Coronavirus! Have a look

TKM or commonly known as Toyota Kirloskar Motors has recently announced that they will be taking preventive measures with regards to the health and safety of all its stakeholders which includes all the company’s customers, employees and dealership partners. Toyota has also said they have been closely monitoring the overall situation and acting appropriately in accordance with the guidance issued by the Indian government.

Toyota Kirloskar's action plan to fight Coronavirus! Have a look
Toyota Kirloskar’s action plan to fight Coronavirus! Have a look

Senior Vice President, Sales and Services, Naveen Soni, in a statement given to al leading publishing house said “Our first priority is the health and safety of all our stakeholders. As a committed corporate, we are taking all preventive measures to sustain normal business operations. We have created SOPs internally to maintain normalcy at the workplace as well as for our partners ensuring hassle-free customer interface. We are actively responding to the changing market conditions and taking countermeasures wherever required to deal with contingencies that may arise in the future.”

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Additionally, Toyota has also been continuously monitoring all of its business operations in India and taking all the relative preventive measures to order to prevent any repercussions. However, all of Toyota’s dealer partners are also being encouraged to take adequate measures and to keep all the touchpoints sanitise for all its customers.

A senior executive from Toyota also commented on the situation saying ” We shall give our best in order to effectively counter the given threat and build customer confidence when visiting the dealerships and, simultaneously, take care of the employees as well. Furthermore, we are also in the use of our virtual tools that are being utilised as a key platform to share information and provide services to the customers at their convenience.

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TKM has also suspended its biometric attendance system as part of its preventive action in order to maintain an uncontaminated environment at the workplace. All of the company’s employees are being told to
  • maintain social distance
  • avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • practice respiratory hygiene
  • Wash hands etc
  • minimise domestic travel
  • restrict international travel
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