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Toyota Mirai | A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) | What You Need To Know

Automotive technology has really come a long way. About 6 years in the past, electric cars did seem a difficult affair in India. But now, the Indian automotive market not just has cars running on battery but also has vehicles that run on ‘hydrogen’ as fuel. Surprised? We were too. Toyota has recently launched a new car that runs on fuel, is the Toyota Mirai.

Toyota Mirai Powertrain
Toyota Mirai Powertrain

The new Toyota Mirai does share a similar DNA as a conventional electric vehicle, but instead of the battery, it has a fuel cell. And hydrogen is used as fuel to power the motors. Indeed the automotive industry is moving at a really brisk pace. That said, with the Indian automotive technology slowly moving to sustainable technology, let’s see what the new offering from Toyota conveys, here is everything you need to know about the new vehicle.

Things to know about Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai
Toyota Mirai
  • The new Toyota Miraj gets an exceptional range of about 650kms which is OP when considering electric vehicles.
  • The vehicle’s name is derived straight from Japanese work Mirai, meaning future.
  • As said, earlier, Toyota Miraj runs on hydrogen as fuel. This hydrogen is stored in pressurized tanks.
  • The hydrogen fuel cell acts as a power generator that harnesses the power and powers the motor.
  • Toyota Mirai gets a volume of 142.2litres.
  • It does not take more than a few minutes to fill the complete tank to full. Meaning, waiting for about 5 minutes will give the vehicle a driving range of 600kms.
  • Apart from water, there are no other residues of the vehicles while running.
  • The vehicle is capable of generating peak power of a little over 128kW (171bhp) and gets an output density of 5.4 kW/kg. Also, the powertrain produced 221Nm of peak twist.
  • The company claims that Mirai takes 9.2 seconds to reach 100kmph from a standstill.

GoMechanic News: India Preparing For Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

Well, with all such unique features and capabilities, the existing battery electric vehicles (BEVs) might just be at risk. Also, for this vehicle, India will not have to wait for long, as India’s transport minister, Nitin Gadkari, has recently unveiled the Toyota Mirai, on behalf of the company. This is for sure one of the best moves in the race to get a better sustainable source for the automotive industry. So, As for the Toyota Mirai, it’ll be manufactured at the Toyota’s plant in Karnataka. Time is the variable that’ll decide the future.

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