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Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder | Everything You Need To Know!

We’ve been gearing a lot about the ‘Creta rival SUV’ that Toyota and Maruti have been working on. Well, it’s almost time for them to launch, 1st July, to be precise. The Urban Cruiser Hyryder, as Toyota calls it, is one of the most awaited cars in the segment. Here’s everything you need to know about the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder.

  1. Design & Exterior

    The design will be a completely new one. It will sit higher up on the ground and will be longer than 4 meters. This means that it will actually look like it’s in the same segment as the Creta and the Seltos. It will sit on 16/17-inch alloys that will of course be diamond cut.

    Credits – Autocar
  2. Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Features

    As mentioned, the Hyryder will be very feature-loaded. A sunroof, ventilated seats, 360-degree camera, wireless charging, and paddle shifters are among the features that are expected on this SUV. This will probably be the first-ever car sold by Maruti that will have a sunroof!

  3. Engines & Powertrain

    There are two engines that are expected on this car, and both might be 1.5L petrol engines. The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder will also get hybrid options. Mild hybrid for the lower variants and full hybrid options for the higher variants. This will certainly be a game-changer for the segment! 

    Credits – RushLane
  4. Pricing and Launch

    Toyota has not mentioned anything about the pricing of the Hyryder. However, we expect a starting price of ~Rs.10 Lakhs, with the higher-end models going up to Rs.16-17 Lakhs (expected).

  5. Is it better than the Creta?

    Hyundai Creta

    Well, it is too early to comment on this. But, if features are all you care about, then no, the Creta will still be a slightly better car. However, if Toyota has really worked on making this car safer, then this might become a better value for money right now.

What do you think about the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder? Let us know in the comments below!

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