Here’s How You Can Avoid Getting Traffic Challans!

Avoid Challans

Traffic challans are something all of us want to avoid right? When we are driving on the roads, we shouldn’t break any traffic rule and must be responsible driver and hence responsible citizen. But if you somehow violate any traffic rule, you must be a responsible citizen in that situation too and should pay the traffic challan for the violation.

Nowadays, people in the national capital are habitual of the speed cameras installed at various locations. These cameras have helped curb the situation of overspeeding and negligent driving which was otherwise done very often by the drivers. In today’s feature, we are going to tell you about the basic paperwork and some basic driving habits that you need to inculcate in order to avoid getting any traffic challan.

The Paperwork

Pollution under control certificate | Maharashtra

Let’s start with the paperwork. You might have seen situations where the traffic police might stop you for routine checking and they ask you for certain documents. Here’s all that you need to go through that routine check without ending up paying a fine.

  1. Your Car’s RC

    Car Registration Certificate

    Your car’s RC tells every single detail about the vehicle you are driving. Right from the date of registration (to ensure your vehicle is still fit to run on the roads) to the owner’s name, engine cc and fuel details, everything is right there on the RC which is why it is the most important document that you need to have if you don’t want to get a ticket.

  2. Driver’s License

    No Need To Carry Driving License and RC in your car

    Another really important document that you need to carry with you. Your driver’s license certifies that you are permitted to drive on Indian roads. If you don’t have a valid driving license and you are caught driving a vehicle without a license, you can be fined heavily! Make sure you always carry your driving license with you in order to avoid getting unnecessary traffic challans.

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  3. PUC Certificate

    PUC Certificate | Credits

    Last but not least. Your car’s PUC Certificate is also mandatory to carry. Make sure you renew your car’s PUC Certification from time to time. This way, you can ensure that you don’t land into unnecessary troubles while the cops are on a routine check. Just make sure you have the complete documentation which is valid on the present date and you are good to go.

These were the basic documents that you need to carry in order to avoid getting fined unnecessarily if you go through a routine check. Moving forward, we would like to tell you about some common practices that lead to traffic challans and what you should do in order to avoid it.


Highway Drive

Speed thrills, but it kills! You might have already heard of this saying but still tend to overspeed at instances where you see a stretch of empty road. You must drive within the speed limits in all situations. To curb the situation of overspeeding vehicles, Delhi has multiple speed cameras installed at various locations where you need to drive within the speed limit or you will be fined. Another example is the Mumbai Pune expressway which has a vehicle activated speed-sign system and indicates the driver about their current speed. You should always pay attention to the speed limit in order to avoid unnecessary traffic challans.

Unnecessary Honking

Pressure Horns

Sometimes, honking can also land you in trouble where you might end up paying a traffic challan for honking in a zone where blowing horn was not allowed at all! Well, to avoid getting traffic challans, you can also get rid of your possible habit of honking unnecessarily.

Bunking Traffic Light

Traffic Signal India

Don’t, I repeat, DON’T jump the traffic light ever! Traffic lights are one of the most important norms that you need to follow while on the road. In metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, traffic signals are extremely important in order to maintain smooth traffic movement and ensure that everyone gets to move on the road without causing any traffic jam. If you skip the traffic signals, you can not only cause a huge traffic jam due or an accident, but your nuisance can also get you huge traffic challans.

Similarly, there are many other norms that you have to follow while you are on the road. You need to stop before the zebra crossing, you need to obey the road signs and you also need to understand the rights of the pedestrians and other people commuting on the road.

Track Traffic Challans on the GoMechanic App!

In general, being a good driver and having patience on the road can help you avoid many traffic challans. While we have already told you much about the traffic challans and the necessary documents, you might be wondering how do you get to know if you have any outstanding challan. Well, we at GoMechanic ensure to cover absolutely everything about your car.

Talking about traffic challans, in the latest update of the GoMechanic App, we have come up with a new feature where you can check if there is any outstanding challan against your car.

Simply log in to the GoMechanic App and head to the Account section. Click on RC and Challan information and proceed by entering your car’s registration number. Once you enter your car’s number, you will see a screen with your car’s details like the owner’s name engine cc, chassis number and more. Following the information will be a list of challans that are already there. Have a look at the picture below where we have entered a sample car number that has an outstanding traffic challan.

Challan on GoMechanic App

So this was how you can avoid getting traffic challans by following the road rules and even if you get a traffic challan, you can easily get all the information about it on the GoMechanic App! Well, isn’t that great? The GoMechanic App is your go-to place for all car needs and now that you can also know about traffic challans, our app will keep you updated about everything going on with your car!