There is no doubt that less is bad and more is better. In the ancient times it was more food, in medieval times it was more wives and in our era, when you can’t really hunt and multiple relationships will bite you in the ass, it is more cars. Couldn’t find your fit in the previous list? Don’t worry! We are back with 5 car garages you can have under 15 lakhs: Part 2

  1. Ford Figo Ambiente Petrol ₹5.82 Lakhs | Ford Ecosport Trend Petrol ₹8.84 Lakhs

    5 car garage you can have under 15 lakhs
    Ford Figo

    The Figo is one of the most fun to drive hatchbacks in India. It looks great, handles like a dream and is built like a tank. It is a wonderful city car which will give you all the practicality and all the fun you want. Go for the Ambiente Petrol as it has a peppy little 1.2-litre engine and all the basic feature you need. It is priced at ₹5.82 lakhs.

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    5 car garage you can have under 15 lakhs
    Ford Ecosport

    It’s always nice to have a car in your garage with legacy, and the Ecosport does have some. It is responsible for mainstreaming compact SUVs in India and was also the saviour of the Blue Oval in India. The reason? It is a pretty great car. It looks great, has all the latest convenience features and the 1.5-litre Ti-VCT engine makes sure that you are never thirsty for power. The 1.5 Trend is the one to go for and it sits right in your budget with a price tag of ₹8.84 lakhs.

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  2. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo Sportz ₹7.82 Lakhs | Ford Aspire 1.2 Titanium ₹7.27 Lakhs

    5 car garages you can have under 15 lakhs
    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

    The i10 and Grand i10 were adored by Indians a lot and the Nios took it up a notch by offering more futuristic looks and a great cabin for a budget hatchback. Although small, it doesn’t devour the premium feel and the 998cc turbo petrol is an engineering beauty. Go for the ‘Turbo Sportz variant for the proper hot hatch experience.

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    5 car garages you can have under 15 lakhs
    Ford Aspire

    The Aspire is a no-nonsense compact sedan that gives you a laid back driving experience. It looks very sophisticated and civil and the 1.2 Ti VCT engine is a great motor. The 1.2 Titanium is our choice; and even though it is going a little over your budget, we assure you that it is totally worth it.

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  3. Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo ₹8.88 Lakhs | Datsun GO+ D ₹4.26 Lakhs

    5 car garages you can have under 15 lakhs
    Renault Kiger

    Want a balanced car garage? we got you! The Kiger is not just one of the hottest compact SUVs but one of the hottest cars you can buy right now. It looks great with sharp LED DRLs and silver-black alloy wheels, has most of the comfort features; and the 998cc turbo petrol engine is a great bargain. We suggest you invest in the turbo and go for the ‘RXZ turbo’ variant which will cost you ₹8.88 lakhs.

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    Datsun GO+

    Since you bought a premium exciting compact SUV, it is time to look on the practical side. The GO+ can not be your everyday car as it just feels like a toy, but it still offers 7 seats so you get all the practicality in the world for the price of a small hatchback. Since we are only looking at practicality, we suggest you go for the ‘GO+ D’ which has a price tag of ₹4.26 lakhs.

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  4. Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI AMT ₹6.84 Lakhs | Mahindra Bolero B4 ₹8.42 Lakhs

    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Kiger and GO+ don’t match your style? We got another choice for you. The Maruti Suzuki Swift is been going strong since 2005 and I believe it needs no introduction. Just buy yourself into some style, power and convenience by going for their top-selling variant ‘VXI AMT’ which is priced at ₹6.84 lakhs.

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    Mahindra Bolero

    Another car that has been going strong for years is the Mahindra Bolero. It is a proper UV which makes sense when it comes down to practicality. And it’s not barebones; you do get an AC(lol). Go for the base variant ‘B4’ which will cost you ₹8.42 lakhs.

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  5. Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Ambition ₹9.99 Lakhs | Renault Kwid 1.0 Climber Opt ₹5.07 Lakhs

    Skoda Rapid

    Possibly the best D-segment sedan in India, Skoda blessed us when they gave us the Rapid. It looks sexy, has a ‘Skoda standard’ interior; and that 1.0 turbo petrol is something out of this world. Our choice is the top-selling 1.0 TSI Ambition which is priced at ₹9.99 lakhs.

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    Renault Kwid

    A rather funny car, the Kwid came with a lot of hopes, but just couldn’t click with the audience. The new model, however, looks urban and cool; especially for a small hatchback. The 800cc engine is absolutely boring and frustrating to drive to go for the 1.0-litre Climber Opt variant which costs ₹5.07 lakhs.

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    I believe this list will make you believe that it’s never good to settle for less and always aim for more. These were 5 car garages you can have under 15 lakhs. What is your favourite combo? Let us know in the comments!

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