Underbody coating is usually a dense cladding (often based on rubber) applied uniformly to the undercarriage of the automobile. It is normally sprayed or painted on when the car is just out of the dealership and is clean. But even if you are getting the undercoating applied after a couple of years, it’s fine too. This is because it can prevent further damage to the undercarriage.

The main purpose of undercoating is to check rust especially in the body components like frame rails along with other exposed metal parts. Underbody coating can also reduce wear and tear. Getting a fresh coat can cost you up to ₹6,000.

Types of Undercoating

Underbody Coating

Now let us look at the various kinds of automotive underbody coating you can go for, for your vehicle.

  1. Rubberized Underbody Coating

    rubberized undercoating

    This is generally thought of as the best underbody coating for your car. It preserves the underbody well, protecting it from scratches. Applying this to the undercarriage is not much of a hassle either.

  2. Wax Based Underbody Coating

    This – more or less – ephemeral undercoating will wear away in a few months’ time. On the upside, wax-based undercoating puts up a big fight against moisture. It is also the most affordable option out there.

  3. Asphalt Based Automotive Undercoating

    Bitumen Based Undercoating

    Best suited for lorries, trucks and large vehicles this provides a greater degree of protection compared to rubber-based coatings. However, asphalt-based coatings contain little amounts of rubber for sound-insulation purposes. The process of applying this coating is a bit time-consuming though.

  4. Polyurethane Underbody Coating

    This coating closes up splits and fractures on the underbody of the vehicle. It offers up good protection against corrosion and also bonds with the metal. Unlike in the case of asphalt-based coating, you can paint over the polyurethane coating.

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Advantages of Undercoating

Now we will tell you why you should consider investing in a vehicle underbody coating.

  • Fights Rust


    It plays an important role in keeping corrosion at bay. Underbody coating can come in handy especially if you live near the sea, where there is too much humidity, and rusting is just one of those everyday things. You should also seriously consider undercoating if you reside in a place where it snows in winter.

  • Absorbs Noise

    Believe it or not, very thick undercoating can soften the noises that reach the cabin. Since the undercoating is often made up of rubber it absorbs some of the rackets. The occupants of the car could spare themselves of the road noises – at least up to a certain extend.

  • Reinforcement

    If your car comes with stock underbody coating, using another coating on top of it, is not going to hurt. It will offer additional reinforcement, protecting the underbody from water, road debris, gravel and small pebbles. There would also be a lesser chance for the factory coat to flake away.

  • Prolong Car’s Life

    Buds Forever

    Good undercoating not only defends the underbody from corrosion but also protects the engine and transmission as well! Less rusting coupled with slower wear and tear can surely add years to the lifespan of your vehicle. There would be fewer dents, dings and scratches on the undercarriage for you to fret about.

  • Warranty and Other Perks
    GoMechanicYou can get a warranty on many undercoatings. For instance, GoMechanic offers a 3-month warranty on 3M™ Anti Rust Underbody Coating. Underbody coatings can also make it easier for you to clean the car. Besides these, the coating provides a bit of thermal insulation making travelling by road easier even during summers.

However, you should make sure that the surface is properly cleaned before the coating is applied. Get 3M™ Anti Rust Underbody Coating from GoMechanic and say goodbye to all your rust related problems. You can drive on all kinds of roads even in bad weather conditions without your car’s undercarriage paying the price for it.

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