Here in India, after the sunroof, it is the sound system that we Indians are fond of. And considering the scenario, in the aftermarket, subwoofers are in huge demand. These subwoofers enhance the bass output increase the quality of the sound. That said, if you are in the market in search of a sub, let me tell you majorly there are two types. Underseat subwoofer and a boot subwoofer, but now the question comes, which one is better?

Sony NW1202S Subwoofer
Sony NW1202S Subwoofer

Let’s dive straight in.

What is a subwoofer?

Under Seat Subwoofer
Under Seat Subwoofer

A subwoofer is all about the bass. In technical terms, the subwoofer is similar to a conventional speaker that can produce lower frequency sounds, typically 20-200Hz. And apart from electronic bass, instruments like kick drum, pipe organ, and bass guitar typically produce this sound. Now as said before, in the market typically there are two types of subs for a car, an under-seat subwoofer and a boot subwoofer.

Boot Subwoofer
Boot Subwoofer

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Well, as the name suggests, the subwoofer that can be installed underneath a car seat is an under-seat sub. And the one, that is installed in the boot of a vehicle is the boot subwoofer. (No Sh*t Sherlock)

GoMechanic Accessories
GoMechanic Accessories

Now, the question comes, which one is better and which one you should go for?

Subwoofer Comparo

Features Under-Seat Subwoofer Boot Subwoofer
Portability  Extremely Portable Not at all Portable
Form Factor Takes limited space Eats into boot space
Durability  Less Durable Master in durability
Sound Quality Produces Acceptable Base One Word: BAAASEY
Installation Easy Requires expert advice
Price Affordable On the expensive side
Amplifier In-built Amplifier Requires additional Amp
Variety Limited Available in abundance

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Bottom Line?

Both the type of subwoofers offer quality sound quality. It all depends on what you want to seek from the sub.

  • If it is the sound quality you are after, the boot subwoofer is the right choice. But this means you’d have to compromise on the boot space.
  • Next, if all you want is a balanced composition with a little compromise on the sound quality, the other one is recommended.
  • Also, it is the under-seat subwoofer if you are on a tight budget. This is because usually, an under-seat sub comes with an in-built amp. But talking about the boot sub, you’d have to buy an amp additionally.

So, let us know which one did you choose and why?

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