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8 Things You Will Only Find On A Mahindra Car!

Mahindra is one of the oldest Indian car manufacturers. They are known for their huge line-up of SUVs like the Bolero, the Scorpio and the XUVs. It was also very well known for its “Jeeps”, the Armada and the Commander. Mahindra has always tried to blend functionality and features together. Here are 8 things that you will only find on a Mahindra car!

  1. Spacious Interiors

Space is a very important factor while buying a car. In fact, for most people, space is either a deal-breaker or a deal-maker. While a lot of cars offer good cabin space, Mahindra just takes this up a notch. Almost every Mahindra car is equipped with the best in segment interior and rear-seat space. From the KUV100 to the XUV700, all cars have more than enough room inside their cabins.

Mahindra Alturas G4 | Interior
Mahindra Alturas G4 | Interior
  1. Rugged Cars

Mahindra cars are built to take on rough roads, this is one of the main reasons Mahindra SUVs are so popular in the Tier-2 cities and also in village areas. The Bolero for example, can take on all kinds of rough roads, hilly roads, and is a very practical choice for someone who wants decent torque on these kinds of roads. These cars are also made to last. You might see some superficial signs of ageing after a few years, but it will keep running for decades.

Bolero - The Sturdy SUV
Bolero – The Sturdy SUV
  1. Top-Notch Safety

People have started to gain a little bit more awareness about safety in the last couple of years. This bodes well for Mahindra, as they have always focused on the build quality of their cars. Mahindra uses high strength steel, for the most part, ensuring a safe ride for the passengers. SUVs like the XUV700 and the XUV300 also get 7 Airbags, along with a host of electronics like ESP, Traction Control and much more.

Mahindra XUV300 Airbags
Mahindra XUV300 Airbags
  1. Wide range of SUVs

Mahindra is the only brand in India that sells such a wide variety of SUVs. From more functional SUVs like the Bolero, KUV100 and the Thar to more luxurious and feature-loaded SUVs like the XUV700, they have something for everyone!

Mahindra XUV700
Mahindra XUV700
  1. Quirky Features

Quirky features like the Steering Direction indicator on the XUV300 and the convex conversation mirror that we saw on the XUV500 are something you’ll only see on a Mahindra. The XUV700 also gets a welcome feature, wherein the driver’s seat moves back and forth to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience while getting in and out. This feature was also seen on the Alturas G4.

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  1. Mature Ride Quality

The ride quality on Mahindra cars is very well-calibrated. Most of their SUVs use an independent suspension for all sides which results in an excellent ride and handling balance as well.

  1. King of the Road feel

Fact- Mahindra SUVs are tall and they have massive road presence, period. Take the Scorpio for example, ask any owner what he likes most about it, and the “Feel” will certainly be a part of that list. Mahindra ensures that their cars offer a massive road presence, and give their customers a ‘King of the Road Feel’.

Mahindra Scorpio | Made In India Cars
Mahindra Scorpio
  1. Excellent Resale Value

This is another aspect where Mahindra shines. Their cars offer a very good resale value even after 8-10 years of usage. They also have an in-house portal for used cars, called First Choice. This ensures a hassle-free experience while selling your used car.

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