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Upcoming Cars In India May 2022 Edition – 6 Cars To Watch Out For

We’re back again with a list of 6 upcoming cars in India, for May 2022. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a dive into what automakers have in store for us.

Upcoming Cars In India May 2022 Edition

These are the upcoming cars in India for May 2022. The list comprises of cars from almost all segments, from sedans to SUV, to a luxury EV! Talking about segments, we thought that you would like to read about – All Car Segments In India Explained

1) Volkswagen Virtus
Volkswagen Virtus
Volkswagen Virtus: Expected to Launch in May 2022

The first car on this list is without a doubt the most awaited upcoming car this May 2022. This sedan from the house of the German carmaker Volkswagen made its debut in March and is now expected to go on sale finally in May.

It will directly lock horns with its sibling the Skoda Slavia, and other cars such as the Ciaz, Honda City, etc…

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2) Honda City Hybrid
Honda City Hybrid Revealed: Superb Blend Of Mileage And Power!
Honda City Hybrid Revealed: Superb Blend Of Mileage And Power!

The Honda City Hybrid was unveiled earlier in April, and at its premiere, it was confirmed that the it will launch in early May 2022 (most probably 4th of May). It is the 1st hybrid car from Honda in India, and has many unique and additional feature list from the regular Honda City.

It will face no competition as of now, as there are no hybrid cars in the segment. Although the Ciaz does have a mild hybrid tech that is the closest to the Honda City Hybrid.

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3) BMW i4
BMW i4
BMW i4

BMW unveiled the new BMW i4 just recently on 28th April. It is based on the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, which is why it looks very similar to it. It is also based on a specially designed derivative of the 3 Series CLAR architecture. BMW other than this electric car, also launched its iX and its flagship sedan – i7. Being the flagship sedan, it is definitely a typical BMW or ‘Break My Wallet’ affair to buy one. It starts at $120,000 in the USA, and we expect this price to skyrocket as it enters to India through CBU, thanks to high taxes.

BMW i7 31.3-inch 8K Theater Screen
31.3-inch 8K Theater Screen
4) Mercedes C- Class 
Mercedes C-Class : Upcoming Car In May 2022
Mercedes C-Class : Upcoming Car In May 2022

Mercedes will launch the refreshed C-Class, updated due to refreshed competition (Yes, we’re talking about the 3-Series). Its design has taken a lot inspiration from the S-Class, both in interior and exterior. 10th of May is the launch date for the same. Prices are likely to start around 50 lakhs. Bookings are already started, and one can issue a booking for 50,000 INR.

It will compete against two its biggest rival – the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. Other rivals include Volvo S60, and Jaguar XE.

5) Kia EV 6
Kia EV 6
Kia EV 6

The Kia EV6 will be the flagship car for the southkorean automaker in India. It will takeover Carnival’s current badge. It is likely to cost around 60 lakhs INR (due to CBU) and will have all the bells and whistles. We expect Kia to unveil it in May, following the launch and price reveal in August. Only 100 units of this car will be made.

6) Jeep Meridian – Bookings From May
Jeep Meridian Unveiled! | Highlights and; Overview Of The 7-Seater Compass
Jeep Meridian Unveiled! | Highlights and; Overview Of The 7-Seater Compass

Jeep Meridian although has been unveiled, it still requires the final announcement that would decide whether it will be a successful product in India or not. Yes, we’re talking about the upcoming price reveal.

Jeep India will do a price reveal May 3rd. Deliveries will subsequently start from early June.

It is expected to hover around the 35 lakhs mark, making it compete against SUVs like Fortuner, Gloster, and Endys (Yes the Endeavour is still popular in the 2nd hand market!)

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So These are the Upcoming Cars In India for May 2022. Watch out for a big bulky SUV (Meridian), sleek sporty sedans (Virtus), Hybrid Honda’s (City Hybrid), 2 Luxury EVs and lastly, the arguably the most awaited luxury sedan – The C-Class!!!

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