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5 Most Anticipated Upcoming CNG Cars in India in 2023!

Considering the rising fuel prices and at the same time, the rising demand for CNG cars, carmakers are more than keen towards introducing more CNG cars in their lineup. For 2023, we have some remarkable launches planned as far as CNG cars are considered. Here are the 5 most anticipated upcoming CNG cars in the Indian market.

  1. Maruti Fronx

    MS Fronx
    MS Fronx

    The to-be-expected robust car from Maruti, the MSIL Fronx is a crossover form of the already existing Baleno. Although this doesn’t have much of a difference from the Baleno, we expect it to be a stronger one in terms of safety. Said that the CNG version of this car will surely be the icing on the cake. Hence, it is the first one among the upcoming CNG cars in India in 2023.

  2. Tata Punch CNG

    Tata Punch CNG
    Tata Punch CNG

    Showcased at the auto expo, this will be the first twin-cylinder CNG technology in India. You will get some boot space in addition to the added CNG range due to the two cylinders. This makes it one of the most anticipated machines among the upcoming CNG cars in India. An absolute win-win we guess!

  3. Tata Altroz CNG

    Tata Altroz iCNG
    Tata Altroz iCNG

    Getting the same twin cylinder setup with ofcourse all the advantages same as the Punch, the next on our list is the Tata Altroz. Among the upcoming CNG cars, the Altroz CNG will be a breakthrough as this is expected to get some out-of-the-box features which none of us has seen in a CNG car. Yes, this is expected to get CNG in the top-end variant with a sunroof!

  4. Kia Sonet CNG

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    Kia Sonet

    This Korean carmaker is expected to launch a CNG variant of the Sonet in the coming months. This will be the first CNG-powered vehicle from the Korean automaker. With this, Kia will also hit the evolving CNG market in India. We can expect the Sonet to launch quite soon in India.

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