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Upcoming Hatchbacks in 2023 | Small Car Wars!

The hatchback segment is one of the most selling ones in the Indian car market. These cars are small, comfortable, easy to drive, and have the right amount of features as well. However, in the last few years, this segment has become somewhat stagnant. There have been very few additions to the list and these have been very few major updates. Today, let’s talk about upcoming hatchbacks in 2023 and see if they can stir up the market. 

  • MG 3

First up on this list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023 is the MG 3. It is an entry-level hatchback that will most likely compete with the Maruti Swift and Hyundai i10. With an expected pricing of around Rs. 6 Lakhs, the MG 3 will come to India later next year. Looking at existing MG products, this hatchback is also expected to be extremely feature-heavy. Other MG cars on sale in India are the Gloster, Hector, ZSev, and Astor. The MG 3 will definitely be the cheapest MG in India.

MG 3
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid

This is surely the most popular name on this list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023. The Maruti Swift is inarguably India’s favorite hatchback and it constantly ranks high on the sales charts. With the diesel engine discontinued, Maruti lost a lot of customers who wanted an even better mileage and they want to make it right. A Swift with a strong hybrid engine is expected to launch in 2023 and the fuel efficiency figures here will be astonishing. The Grand Vitara has a claimed efficiency of 27KM/L, and the Swift will definitely beat that by a good margin. Pricing for the hybrid variant of the Swift is expected to be around Rs. 10 Lakhs. Yes, it is on the higher side but a hybrid can pay for itself in the long run. 

Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid
  • MG Air EV

Another MG on this list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023! The MG Air EV was recently spotted testing in India and it may launch sometime next year. The Air is a very small and compact hatchback that focuses on easy driving and getting the job done. Even with its small size, MG has really loaded up this car with a lot of features and tech that no one else in this segment can. The Air is smaller than the Maruti Alto. This tiny EV is on sale abroad and is primarily used for daily short city drives and running errands. The expected pricing for this hatch is unclear, however, it should turn out to be the cheapest EV in India if MG wants to sell it in good numbers.

  • Tata Altroz EV

With Tata’s current progress, how can it not be on this list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023? The Tata Altroz is a premium hatchback that competes with the Maruti Baleno and the Toyota Glanza. Now, Tata is planning on launching an EV version of the same and it is expected early next year. Tata has already showcased the Tiago EV, and buyers are pretty stoked about this car. The Tata Altroz EV is expected to be priced somewhere between the Tigor EV and the Nexon EV. The range and battery capacity for this one are unclear as of now, but Tata should reveal healthy numbers for the Altroz EV. A real-world range of around 380-400 KMs will be very ideal for a car of this size and segment.

Tata Altroz EV
Tata Altroz EV
  • Volkswagen Polo

Okay, enough about EVs and hybrids on this list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023. We are enthusiasts and we want a good ICE here. Well, VW is planning on launching the new Polo in India either in late 2022 or early 2023. There are no details about the engine, transmission, or pricing yet. However, we believe that the Polo will get the same 1L turbo petrol engine that we see on the Taigun and the Virtus. It will most likely not get the more powerful 1.5L engine because that would make it very expensive. Just for a second, imagine the 150HP, 250nm, 1.5L turbo petrol engine on a small Polo! Bliss.

2023 Volkswagen Polo
  • Skoda Fabia

How can VW launch a car and Skoda not follow behind? Another ICE on this list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023 is the Skoda Fabia which is also expected in India soon. It will most likely share the platform, engine, and transmission with the upcoming Polo, but with Skoda’s simply clever touch. Just like the Polo, the Fabia will probably not get the privilege of having the 1.5L petrol engine onboard. However, both these cars are now expected to come out with a good list of features, which was earlier a huge complaint from customers of the VW group.

Skoda Fabia 2023

Here was a list of upcoming hatchbacks in 2023. These lists of upcoming cars slowly getting more and more EV names. Do you think EVs are better than a good old-school petrol or diesel? Let us know in the comments below!

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