We have just started with a new series where we answer what the nation wants to know! We are here to cater to your questions and queries! If you are following our series of most Googled questions, you will never have to look for different answers at different places. Making it simple and easy for you, we are picking up the topics one by one and answering the common questions. In today’s featured, we are going to talk about the 10 most Googled questions about used cars in India! Let’s get started!

  1. What used cars NOT to buy?

    Honda CRV
    Honda CRV

    Most of the buyers in the used car market are concerned about which ones are good for them but there are a few who ask which ones should they ignore completely whenever they step out to buy a used car. The logic is simple. Stay away from suspicious vehicles. Someone might offer you car at a very attractive price but you should know why they are doing that before paying. Also, stay away from those who don’t have a good market history. Wondering which ones are we talking about?

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  2. Which is the cheapest and the most reliable used car?

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR Second Generation
    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

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    If you are looking to buy a cheap and reliable car, you should go for a brand is among the top-selling brands. You will get easy availability of spares and mechanics. Also, in India, most of the top-selling vehicles have the best in class mileage therefore, if you talk about being cheap with overall costs, Maruti Suzuki should be your choice. If you are up for the fuel and maintenance game, you should go for the German tech as it is more reliable!

  3. What is the cheapest second-hand car to buy?


    This is quite obvious! The cheapest car in the market till now was the Tata Nano. Therefore, you will get it at a cheaper price if compared to others in the used car market. However, if you talk about low budgets, you can get many cars in a small budget of Rs.50k. Just be sure of the fact that most of these can turn out to be lemons so you need to be extra careful with the inspection and buying process.

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  4. How many miles is too many for a used car?

    2015 Toyota Innova
    2015 Toyota Innova

    You can get a car which has clocked over 1Lakh kilometres and is still working fine. On the other hand, you can get a car which has been abused but has clocked only 20k km. The main thing I want to mention here is that no kilometres are too much for a car. It’s obvious that you should go for the one which is less driven, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a well-maintained car with a high odometer reading. The most common example is Toyota Innova which can easily last 5-6Lakh kilometres if maintained well.

  5. What is the best-used car to buy in 2020?

    Maruti Suzuki Swift | Hatchbacks with LED Headlamps
    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Considering its 2020 and you need to be in sync with all the latest features and technology that is currently there in the cars. While looking through the used cars, you should also prefer some modern-day features if budget is not a constraint. You can easily get cars which are 2-3 years older and have the same features as their current new models. For example, there has been no major upgrade in the current generation of MS Swift that you see above!

  6. What is the most reliable 10-year-old car?

    2006 Honda Civic | India
    2006 Honda Civic

    After all, all of them are machines and have got some or the other issue! In most cases, it is not a sensible decision to buy a car that old. Still, if you want to go for a car that old, you should go for a good brand. By good, I mean the one whose cars have been known to last long. Honda and Toyota can get you the best variety among used cars that are over 10 years and older!

  7. What are the 10 best-used cars to buy?


    It completely depends on your budget and choice. However, there were some gems that existed in the Indian market and if you score one of them in a good condition, you will never doubt buying a used car again! Used cars have been an absolute favourite arena for enthusiasts as they get great cars at a cheaper price and can modify to tune them according to their needs!

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  8. Should I buy a used car from a dealer?

    Factory Second Maruti Suzuki WagonR
    Factory Second Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Used cars bought from anywhere in the market need careful inspection. No matter how trustworthy your dealer may be, we strongly suggest you get your car inspected before you make the final deal. However, buying from a dealership might cost you a bit high as compared to an individual seller as they might offer you a warranty in most cases.

  9. Should I buy a used car from an individual owner?


    Buying from an owner might get you a better deal in terms of money but it will attract a lack of professionalism and hassles ahead. You need to go to the RTO for registration and other legal formalities which the dealership would have done for you if you would have bought from them. No doubt you will save on the costs but is it worth it? You decide!

  10. What is the sweet-spot for buying used vehicles?

    Maruti Suzuki Swift 2010
    Maruti Suzuki Swift 2010

    According to the market stats of most used cars, the steepest depreciation comes in the fourth year. If you are searching for a good deal among used cars, the best deal would be to find a car that is 4-5 years old. The best advantage would be the price along with the availability of a fairly well-maintained car!

These were the 10-most Googled questions for used cars. We have tried to answer all of them in this article. If you think we have left out on any question, do let us know in the comments section below!

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