Before starting this article, I would like to inform you that used cars under ₹50000 are not practical for daily use and if you are a first-time car buyer and looking for a family car, please do not read further. These cars are meant for enthusiasts who revamp the whole vehicle according to their own will and choice. These cars are nothing but a marsh if you think you can just buy and use them; BUYER’S BEWARE! For all the enthusiasts out there, wait no further as we bring you the best you can get under ₹50,000!

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  1. Honda Civic

    2006 Honda Civic | India
    2006 Honda Civic | India

    It’s 2021 and if you remember, this Japanese luxury sedan made its Indian debut in 2006 and now you can get some initial day models under 50,000 very easily. Just like we said above, these cars are not fit to be run without a thorough inspection and detailed repair jobs. As all of us know, Honda Civic is definitely an enthusiast’s delight so if you are one of those people who are planning to build a car according to their needs, this could be the best pick for you!

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  2. Mitsubishi Lancer

    Mitsubishi Lancer
    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Another one which was a true enthusiast delight of its time. We know we included this one in our list of used cars under 1 Lakh in the past but considering we have done almost 18 months more since then, you can now easily get a Lancer under ₹50,000. Spending 2-3k above ₹50,000 shouldn’t be an issue because if you modify a Lancer well, it can easily put modern-day cars to shame!

  3. Ford Ikon

    The New Ford Ikon
    The New Ford Ikon

    This, in the picture, is a relatively new model but if you have a budget of ₹50,000, you can get the initial day cult. As the name suggests, this sedan was surely an icon and it was one of the most popular vehicles of its time. You won’t get any features on board because of the obvious reason but if you are looking to buy anything from used cars under ₹50000, Ikon can be a good choice too.

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  4. Maruti Omni

    2008 Maruti Omni
    2008 Maruti Omni: The unofficial school van of the yesteryears

    This can have a different approach. If you are thinking to start a business, Omni can be your obvious choice because this can let you carry goods and at times can also act as a mobile shop for you! Isn’t that great? Another great thing is that it is also among used cars under ₹50000 and its maintenance is really cheap and spare parts are also easily available.

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  5. Chevrolet Spark

    Chevrolet Spark
    Chevrolet Spark

    For those looking to buy a hatchback, let me tell you, Chevrolet could be the best brand because they are no more in India and their cars are relatively cheaper than any other vehicle of the same segment in the used car market. You can get a Chevrolet Spark for under 50k very easily. Most of them will have aftermarket CNG so make sure you have a thorough check of the vehicle.

  6. Hyundai Getz

    Hyundai Getz | Forgotten Hyundai Cars In India
    Hyundai Getz | Forgotten Hyundai Cars In India

    The premium hatchback of India before i20 arrived! Hyundai Getz was totally class apart from what people used to get back then in the past. Now, if you go on a search for a used car and have a budget of 50,000 INR, you can also have your hands on a Hyundai Getz and this one will require lesser repair work than other options in the market.

  7. Daewoo Matiz

    Daewoo matiz

    This brand is almost no more visible in India but you would still find a good model for yourself if you go out a search. Daewoo Matiz is surely one of the best cars on our list of used cars under ₹50000. There were other Daewoo cars in the market too and you can get your hands on anyone if you wish to buy one for yourself!

  8. Maruti Zen Estilo

    Zen Estilo
    Zen Estilo

    Getting this under ₹50,000 would be a steal deal! If you get a Zen Estilo under 50k, don’t stop and don’t overthink. Just buy it. Estilo is still very much present in the market and the best part is that you can get spare parts without any hassle because Estilo lasted long in the Indian market. You can get the initial gen model within a price range of ₹50,000.

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  9. Fiat Palio / Uno

    Palio Weekend

    Another gem from the past era. You can get a Fiat Palio or Uno depending upon your need and market availability. Both of these are extremely mod-friendly cars and if you are running low on the initial budget, you can go for any one of them. Great engines, great performance and above all, great respect!

  10. Opel Corsa

    Opel Corsa | Forgotten Sedans in India
    Opel Corsa | Used Cars Under ₹50000

    This might look like a forgotten car but let me tell you if you are able to source one for yourself, consider yourself lucky because this is another great machine that you can get in the given budget. Not talking much about the car, we would like to pull your attention to the inspection process. Make sure you have a detailed insight, and if you are not sure about your instinct, book a used car inspection with GoMechanic.

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