Buying a Used Honda Civic? 6 Things To Lookout For!

Buying A Used Honda Civic

Honda Civic has been the poster car of India and is still a very good competition to modern-day sedans. Talking about the used car market, the latest-gen model is not so popular if we compare it to the one that existed in the market between 2006-2012. In this article, we will take you through the most important factors that you should consider while buying a used one so that you don’t end up being in trouble with high expense bills.

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  1. Steering Rack Issues

    2008 Honda Civic TypeR

    Talking particularly about the generation of the Civic in the picture above, you will have to do a careful inspection before buying. The steering rack in the older generation of this Japanese lux sedan was an issue that persisted quite commonly. No, that you are buying a used one, the price range would be around 2-2.5 Lakhs, right? What if we told you that a new steering assembly can cost you around 20% of this price?

  2. Cabin / Upholstery Issues

    Used Honda Civic

    Another common issue that exists with the old generation of the Honda Civic is the upholstery peel off. This was something close to leather which is why due to prolonged usage, you can notice peels on the seats, the door handles, control buttons /switches, handbrake, gear lever and what not! This is a really common issue that persists in all the vehicles that you might want to buy from the used car market.

  3. Malfunctioning Electricals

    Rear sear centre arm rest Volume controls | Credits: TeamBHP

    Another thing to mention here is that this sedan was way ahead of its time. Buying a used Honda Civic can be a really good decision but you should keep in mind that it had a lot of complex electricals if we consider the past era. Now that everything electric is common in cars, it wasn’t so back then. Taking an example of the audio controls in the rear armrest, you should thoroughly check each and every electrical because sourcing such parts from the market can be a challenge.

  4. Heating Problems

    2009 Honda Civic

    Another common issue that persists with used Honda Civic is faulty HVAC systems. Another thing that can cost you high on your pocket is the repair work for this. The best option to save yourself from this is to inspect the car thoroughly before you make a deal. In case you are not confident enough to inspect the car yourself, leave it to the experts! Book a used car inspection service for your to-be car!

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  5. Airbag Warning Light

    2006 Honda Civic | India

    This might look like a big issue but it isn’t so in most cases. Till the time you are sure that the car you are looking at has not been in a major accident involving the use of airbags, you can be sure about the fact the airbag warning light is due to a sensor malfunction. Although it is not expensive to get this problem fixed, you might have to struggle a bit to find the right place to get this done. Now that GoMechanic is here, we guess you are sorted!

  6. Bad Engine Mounts

    Civic engine Bay | TeamBHP

    Another common issue that exists with used Honda Civic is bad engine mounts. When we say bad engine mounts, it is quite obvious that the repair work would be expensive. Now you would be wondering that how you can get to know if the engine mounts are bad on a particular car. The very basic indication for that is vibration, roughness or rattle in the engine. Also, when you engage the reverse gear, you would notice low rumbling sounds that will confirm bad engine mounts

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These were the 6 important things that you should know before investing in a used Honda Civic. Be sure about the fact that you are an aware customer and you don’t get tricked or fooled by anyone in the market. As we already mentioned above, if you are doubtful about anything, don’t forget to book a used car inspection on the GoMechanic App!

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